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First Attack Essay

Introduction The film Jaws based on the novel written by Peter Benchley. The book is written about shark attacks that took place in 1916. The film however is set in Amity Island in America. The movie is an action/thriller and is about a shark nicknamed Jaws that swims the waters around Amity and kills lots of people. The film uses a lot of dramatic irony especially with the character Brody, who is a policeman originally from New York. He had come to Amity for a quiet easy job with the worst of crimes including children doing karate on a fence and parking issues.

After the first attack Brody realised that it was a shark, but it was denied by the mayor because they needed money from tourists. This movie is for all ages above around 8 and for any gender. The movie includes a couple of gory scenes of which might not be suitable for smaller children. The director Steven Spielberg uses many techniques to build suspense and keep the watcher hooked. These include dramatic irony, quick changes between camera views, and point of view shots from under the water looking up at the shark’s victims.

Opening scene The opening scene starts with faint music and an over the shoulder view of the shark swimming through the weeds. Towards the end of the opening scene as a sign of the shark getting closer, the music builds up to a climax at the end. This brings the watcher right in and gets their attention right from the start. At the moment in the film, the watcher does not yet know where the movie is set, so the shark could be far out in the sea or about to attack somebody, this keeps you hooked.

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Also there is no life in the sea which either can be interpreted as the shark is so mighty that nothing is seen near it or that the sea is empty and hence there is normally no danger there. First Attack The first attack was set on the beach, where a party was being held with a campfire. People were unaware and having a good time. The camera then zoomed in on a character looking at another. They looked at each other as if they were in love. Then they both ran off down the beach out of view, which builds suspense a little.

The girl went in the sea swimming and the boy couldn’t get his clothes off, so he could not get in with her. Everything is quiet and all you can hear is the sea. Suspense is raising dramatically at the moment and the fact that the girl is out on her own makes you go to the edge of your seat. Then Spielberg uses a point of view shot from the shark’s point of view. This is dramatic irony and we know that the shark is underneath her, but the girl is again unaware. We are waiting for the shark to attack, and Spielberg purposefully prolongs the attack for tension.

The Jaws theme tune is playing in the background and getting louder, until it gets to a climax. Then it goes silent, and the shark pulls at her leg. It lets go and the girl is shocked. Then it starts to attack again pulling her around everywhere. Then the camera goes back to the beach where the boy is lying on the beach and everything is quiet. Then the camera flicks back to the girl frantically fighting and then she is submerged under the water. The scene ends like that and you are 99. 9% sure she is dead but you still have the feeling she might be alive, making you want to watch on.

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