First Aid Lab Essay

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First Aid Lab

Ever since warfare started humans have had to find ways to mend and preserve there bodies for fighting with medical care. The battlefield has been the birth place of many modern techniques used today to treat injury. One of the most important area of warfar is First Aid. First Aid is extremly important in the military, especialy while in a hostile area or on the batttlefield. First Aid is thee to take immediate action in treating the wounded when on the battlefield or in a hostile zone.

The true begining of the usage of First Aid in the United States started with the Revolutionary War. Around this time in history the United States position in medical knowledge and safty was extremly poor. During the war there where many men from the Colonial Army who died from wounds that were untreated. As the Colonial Army took casualties for untreated wounds they finally established military hospitals and required that a surgeon and two sugeon mates accompanied each regiment on the field. Although this may have helped a little, soldiers where still dying from dieseases such as pneumonia, dysentery and smallpox.

It wasnt until General George Washington petitioned the Continental Congress to establish what he called “the Hospital”: a general medical corps for soldiers. This was set up to serve an Army of 20,000 with four surgeons, an apothecary, 20 surgeon’s mates, one clerk, a storekeeper and one nurse for every 10 patients. This was the first organized military medical facility established in the newly forming United States. Although they had the facility and the faculty, soliders where still dying at a high rate.

Advancements in First Aid took place as time continued and as the militaey began to grow in numbers. The Civil War brought many moe advancements in First Aid such as the development of a ambulance corps. In the civil war times the military treated there wounded based on the likelyhood of survival because of supply shortages and lack of time needed to properly treat all the wounded.

First Aid became availible directly on the battle field for the first time in the Civil War. This was a huge success during the war and has been used now in modern day military First Aid tactics. After the Civil War, there was a length of time with no war which slightly haulted advancements in military First Aid. Although there werent any wars there where other important events within that time that help imporve first aid in the military such as the birth of the American Red Cross, the ratification of the first Geneva Convention, military orders to teach basic first aid to soldiers.

After the time of peace in the United States, America was at wa again and first aid only continued to imporve as technology advanced. World War I was the start of Army medical personal being assigned to word directly in the field. The advancements in the development of the ambulance was huge during the war.They provided not only first aid but a way to evacuate when needed. During WWI new technologies greatly improved Army first aid with things such as the portable X-ray, the antiseptics and inoculations. This helped bring the numbers of death down drasticlly. Also the increase of medical knowlege helped keep death numbes down as well with new medicines such as penicillin and antimalarials. Morphine also started being used to wounded soldiers to help ease their pain. Due to all of these medical advancements the likely-hood of death dropped 30% by the end of WWII

First aid training is extremely important in the military. It is important to know how to treat the wounded and the sick as quickly and safely as possible. First aid has progressed into a tactical and complex division in the military today. People now enlist into the military primarily for first aid. Without first aid soliders who are abroad in other countries wouldnt be able to recieve proper care for wounds and disease at a quick pace. First aid allows soldiers to be taken care of on the front lines of the battlefield allowing them to stay overseas for minor injury instead of being shipped home for care. The technology today used for first aid has made it sucsessful to keep soldiers alive at a higher rate ever before as well as keep them healthy while abroad in different countries where they are suseptible to different dieases.

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