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Firm way Essay

Essay Topic:

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The residents of Pondicherry Lodge are described as being very security-conscious , with ‘very high walls topped with broken glass’. Bartholomew does not trust anyone, and has employed a large guard to defend him. Watson and Marston seek comfort from each other, and again show their emotions. Holmes takes charge of the situation ‘in a firm way’. Holmes is described as being ‘more moved’ than Watson had ever seen him, something is clearly wrong. Bart has not been looking after his room, it is ‘littered with Bunsen burners’.

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Watson shows his lack of detective prowess compared to Holmes when Watson declares it to be ‘an insoluble mystery’, wheras Holmes’ has views ‘on the contrary’. Holmes and Watson are clearly used to death, as they are indifferent to the body in the room.

Holmes delights in solving mysteries, as he starts ‘rubbing his hands’. He dismisses Watson and tells him to get out of the way and to ‘sit in the corner’ like an annoying pupil. Holmes shows a tendency to gather more facts than necessary, as in the case of the ropeburn. Watson looks up to Holmes for an answer. However Holmes, the mentor tells Watson, the pupil to ‘use (his) methods’ to deduct an answer. The police do not rate Holmes’ detective abilities and credit his success down to ‘luck’ and call him a theorist. Holmes does not help the police with the additional information he has gained. His confidence arises yet again when he tells Thaddeus ‘I think I can clear you’.

Holmes tends to use Watson as a messenger, an example being when he is sent to fetch ‘Toby’ the sniffer dog In the opening paragraph, Watson describes Marston as caring, and that she supported ‘someone weaker than her’. She also shows how close she has become to Watson, as she feels she can cry in front of him. The treasure seems to be more trouble than it is worth, it has led to murders, anxiety, stress, it has become ‘an impassable barrier’.

Watson misses being at home, he describes Marston’s home with a longing for being comfortable and at peace. Holmes has a large circle o friends, ‘A friend of Mr Sherlock is always welcome’. Sherman lives on his own, and in order to have some company, he has a family of animals. Holmes has already done the investigating, and does not rely on Watson for any advice. He also seems to be extremely agile, as well as clever, and observant and later on musically talented.

Holmes is not very modest concerning his abilities, as he claims ‘I have knowledge now which would enable me to trace them in many different ways’. He seems to regret that this task is not challenging enough ‘It has prevented the case from being the pretty intellectual problem it promised to be’. Holmes does not tell Watson who Small’s assistant might be, you will know about it soon enough’, as if Watson was not important to the case, and that he is merely tagging along with him. He says that everybody in the world is inferior compared to nature.

Holmes can not stand indecision ‘what the deuce is the matter with that dog?’. When Watson suggests why the dog can not make up his mind, Holmes completely ignores it, however Watson is indifferent to this. They both laugh when Toby misleads them, this must be because they are so confident in themselves that they hardly see this as a major setback. Holmes has an answer for every eventuality, ‘I had already thought of that’. He shows a tendency to use people for information, and then dispense of them after their use to him ceases. He is not keen to accept help even with the resources available to the police, he says he has a ‘fancy for working it out’ himself. Watson’s suggestions tend not to be very helpful, and as Holmes says, they tend to make things ‘worse and worse’.

Holmes seems to have a lot of money to spare, as he can afford to award ‘a shilling each’ in advance to the Baker Street Irregulars and award a further guinea to one member. Holmes appears to be multi talented, with music, and more specifically improvisation being the latest in his repetoire. He shares a brotherly relationship with Watson, and he ‘puts him to sleep’. Holmes can not bare to sit idly, and wait. He would rather go out and do something himself, rather than rely on less talented others. He finds it a ‘provoking check’. He has views typical of his time when he tells Watson that ‘women are never to be entirely trusted’. Watson has views ahead of his time, when he objects to this ‘atrocious sentiment’.

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