Firewalls Essay Topics

Security issues of E-Commerce

Introduction In this assignment I shall be looking at the security implications of shopping on the internet, and will also be evaluating, the reasons, why I think that the security flaws to internet shopping are minimal. Task 1 Firstly, when looking at the security implications imposed on the internet we need to consider who the… View Article

Visible and invisible walls

Walls… Throughout human history walls have been erected and breached in pursuit of truth, knowledge, equality and freedom. People erect and maintain real and symbolic barriers to protect and defend opposing stances, beliefs and territories. The resulting lack of communication reinforces those barriers, often to detrimental effects. The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. Millions are inserting… View Article

The Use and Importance of Firewalls

As our company has grown and the use of the World Wide Web has become integral to our success it is important for our leadership to understand the ways we should protect ourselves in the digital age. This letter is intended to provide a basic outline of the use and importance of firewalls for our… View Article