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Firefighter Essay Examples

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Fire Attack: Offensive vs. Defensive

Safety of the crews is the most important aspect on all structural fires. Offensive attacks should only be done if a live victim is trapped in the structure or the building is save enough for crews to enter. If the structure is not safe for crews to enter they should always go with a defensive attack or go with no attack method. Both methods are essential in the fire service, and will be for a lon...

Fire Station Case Study Research

1. As what is stated above, it is really advisable to recommend this research study to those who are planning to construct or to design a first class fire stations to know what to implement and to use, to have a smart space planning or programming and to have a satisfying way of life for their fire fighters and company staff. This study would really help them throughout their thinking of what is n...

A House on Fire

The paramedics, who until then were on stand-by, lowered each one of them onto the waiting stretchers, and rushed them to hospital. Although they weren't injured, they were suffering from a terrible shock and had inhaled lots of toxic fumes. The firemen stayed behind until the flames had been completely extinguished. What remained of the house were the blackened walls; the inside was collapsing....

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The Evolution of Firefighter PPE

Technologies are improving everyday lowering the hazards of the firefighter. Some newer technologies include thermal imaging so a firefighter can see through a smoke engulfed room, or the SMART COAT system which incorporates sensors to help firefighters assess dangerous situations such as thermal saturation or the location of a colleague who may be injured. Although the technology of firefighter P...

Fire Safety

It is obvious fire safety education is necessary to decrease the risk of fire fatalities. The NFPA says, “since 1980, fire calls have fallen 43%” (Top Ten 1). Firefighters hard work across the nation is paying off when it comes to public education. As the world strives to reach higher standards in technology I think there will be an even greater decrease in fires in both the residential and co...

Importance of Fire Prevention in the Fire Service

It all comes down to does the city, townships, and counties want to save money in the short end or the long run. Having the bureau cut or having a private company do the inspections and all of the life safety things that are involved in the bureau could cause them to lose money in the long run. With all of the resources that are out there about fire prevention bureau on how they work and my experi...

Becoming a Firefighter

My father had talked me back into start making the runs again. He told me it was just a coincidence that my first runs had ended like they did and it would get better. He was right. Since then, I think I have had 2 runs like the first few. Others, I had been there to comfort the patient and help them relax. Each run makes you have a mix of feelings. There are no words to describe the feeling you g...

Fire Management

Ahrens, M., Smoke Alarms in U.S. Home Fires, NFPA Division of Fire Analysis and Research, July 2009. Ammons, D., Municipal Benchmarks: Assessing Local Performance and Establishing Community Standards, Sage Publications, Second Edition, 2001. Chaiken, W., Ignall, E., Fire Department Deployment Analysis: A Public Policy Analysis Case Stud, The Rand Fire Project, A Rand Corporation Research Study, 19...

Emergency Medical Technician and Past Firefighters

They have to wear special clothing that weighs up to 60 pounds and work from about 7:30 am to 7:30 am the next day. Not every person could become a firefighter it takes courage, desire, and heart to be as dedicated to the job as these men and women are. I am definitely willing to overcome these obstacles to help and save many lives that are in danger. As renowned scholar and philosopher Joseph Cam...

Design of Fire Detection Robot With Image Processing

A fire fighting robot 10 as shown in FIGS. 1 and 2 has length of about 116 cm, a width of about 85 cm and a height of about 90 cm and includes a pair of caterpillar type drive units which include endless metal belts 11 and 12 and drive wheels 13 and 14 (FIGS. 1 & 2) and 13'14" as shown in FIG. The robot 10 also includes an outer housing 15 of galvanized steel or the like with a thickness of ab...

Framework as a Service

The reason the project is carried out and the intentions of the project group. The outcome captures what the project should lead towards. The result can be seen as a unifying intention throughout the project process. "What do we want to deliver to obtain the purpose? Who are the targeted users of the project? Who will benefit from the outcome of the project? Are there people in the project team wh...

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