Fire Protection system Essay

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Fire Protection system

Aqueous and non- aqueous agents employed in fire service means the use of such substance in the fire service work which helps in fast control and quick remedial measures against the broken out. Substantially non- aqueous, plastic, high magnesium oxide are used so that materials remain fluid over longtime providing for easy workability and require no addition of water prior to use. In the same manner aqueous substance in form of concentrated ammonium salt containing binder and viscosity agent are used by fire service provider to prevent wildfires.

For decreasing the toxicity of the chemicals used in fire service organization, non- aqueous and aqueous fluid is used to provide easy control over heavy fire. Non–aqueous compositions are used containing an amount of volatile silicon which helps to maintain waterproof composition than previous conventional non- aqueous substance used by fire service provider. In recent time various aqueous mixtures containing tricalcium phosphate are used as it is experienced that when the mixture is used fire os frequently extinguished and even the fire did not catch up readily.

Aqueous substances are treated as fire control agent as it has great adhesive power when applied to extinguish fire. Aqueous film foaming foam is a special type of foam stabilizer which is diluted with water and exclude air from mixing the water and thereby suppressing the fire. Various factors are to be considered while selection of an agent by fire service provider as it directly and indirectly affects the decision. The fire agencies need to take help and identified the problem of reduction in fuel, cost sharing efforts and wild land fire problems.

Fire agencies should take necessary action to meet the fire expenditure cost and to respond to fire areas at fast speed. Fire service providers have to base their decision on the chances of fire broke out, fuels available in form of various chemicals, devices or material needed, air tanker having with the company , their capacity , any agency, state or government organization participating, location or fire station and flame resistant synthetic fabric used in fire fighting.

These fire service’s should comply while selecting or appointing any agent and it can be done after adopting the following procedures such as record keeping system, providing instructions at regular interval, risk assessment, inspection or regular review of guidelines to make it more meaningful, cleaning and decontamination procedure, preparing policy for repair and in the same way for store.

With the adoption of above mentioned methodology the agent selected should be more beneficial for specific fire and thus more efficient development of fire service agent.

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