Fire protection Essay

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Fire protection

The research is to determine the fire protection education programs that need top be organized in a town. This town is a very busy town that is characterized by a population of about 12,000 people and is a major host of light industries, good climatic and environmental conditions that attracts tourist’s ant some points of the year. This town has a rapidly growing population with an above average income and good agricultural lands. Being posted as a volunteer in the fire department there is need to educate the public on the fire protection and life safety programs. This has been facilitated by the recent fire attacks.

The training curriculum and the procedure for the entire town needs to be made and organized into groups, these groups need to check at the social, economical, age and religious settings of the town. The trainings should be both for the prevention and the escape. For the school going children and the Pre School aged children the trainings and drillings should include the exit drills that can help them in case of f ire attacks, smoke detectors testing and the actions that they need to take if the detectors sound alarms and the stop, drop and roll techniques. This will help the kids and school going children to escape some light fire attacks.

Since in many cases the main course of fire is open flames the kids should be educated on the effects of playing with matches the lighters and fire. ( PEAP, 1980) The education package for the adults should be very much extensive and well detailed. This is because of all the businesses and the developments in the growing town; they are involved and invest in them. Their training for fire prevention and life safety should involve the use of fire extinguishers, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) , keeping their homes and businesses safe from attack and the need to install to install their homes with fire and smoke detectors.

( http://www. usfa. dhs. gov/fireservice/subjects/fireprev/) As a volunteer in the fire department I would be able to advice the town council to identify and develop public, private and fire community partnership that would be used and be instrumental in the enhancement and awareness of fire prevention activities. For this busy growing town, that is living above average class I would advocate for the for the inclusion of fire prevention and detection technology and design in construction and the architecture of the . physical facilities. This would improve the safety of the business buildings and the lives of the citizens.

(http://www. usfa. dhs. gov/fireservice/subjects/fireprev) The whole town should be involved in a public fire awareness program, to get the educations and the skills for fire prevention and protection. To check at the effective ness of this program of installing fire detection machines there should be a drill at different points of the town to test the effectiveness of such machines.

Reference: Fire Marshal, Public Education Assistance Program Steering Committee (PEAP,- Alaska,1980) SN publishers Alaska http://www. usfa. dhs. gov/fireservice/subjects/fireprev/ Retrieved on the 19th July 2008

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