Fire Heater Fires in Residential Buildings Essay

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Fire Heater Fires in Residential Buildings

In the article, Fire Heater Fires in Residential Buildings, presented an amazing and interesting set of findings in which portable fire heaters is a contributor to over three thousand eight hundred (3800) residential fires per year. As the finding reveals it is a result of people placing their portable heaters beside combustible items such as sofas, curtains any item that is flammable.

Although this is only 2% of the total number of fires cause but it is responsible for 25% of the number of fatal heating residential fires meaning that it contributes to an average of over one hundred and fifteen (115) deaths, two hundred and fifty (250) injuries and ninety-eight (98) million dollars in property loss. The statement that seems to be most appropriate is “Dangers of Portable Fire Heaters”.

This statement is clear and precise and allows the readers to have a general understanding of what the article will highlight. Based on the new statement this will allow the readers to have a better understanding of what the article entails and what it will be highlighting. The overall presentation of the article gives a clear description of the results and findings by illustrating it in various graphs so that it will be easier to understand by the readers.

Although, the information was presented in a condensed format, the writer took the opportunity to state that the information was gathered at the U. S Fire Administration website. Therefore, individuals who needed further clarity about the information presented could and can visit this website. Although, the data that is presented in the article was done in a cluster three year period, once you visit the website it is user friendly, clear and precise in illustrating the trends and patterns in each year and in each state.

The only flaw was that the data was presented in a cluster analysis which was done in a three year period; it did not create an opportunity for the readers to do an analysis to understand the yearly trends if they did not have access to the internet if it was given in a hard copy. Also, the data was rounded off to the nearest tenth, therefore, this created some padding of information by making some adjustments to the real data; therefore the data was not really factual. The data showed that portable heaters only contribute to 28. % of the fatalities and it further states that these fires normally take place during the hours of 10am to 12pm. There is a trend whereas there is an increase in the number of fires during spring and winter months when the time is cold. Interestingly, the data shows that 32. 7% and 34. 3% of the fire that is started by portable heaters remain in the area of origin and building of origin; and 17. 9% confines to the object of origin. Only 4. 4% of the fires go beyond the building of origin.

Structural components or finish, soft goods and furniture are major combustible items that foster and ignite. The findings help people better understand that because of lack of knowledge about the dangers of portable fire heaters, 50. 2% of the fires are caused by people who put their portable heaters too close to combustible items and 11. 6% by unattended equipment. These fires are normally started in the bedrooms and in the common areas and other function areas. It is alarming to know that 31. 7% of the fire victims were not present when these fires started.

The conclusion was well conceptualized it further strengthens his argument that many of the fires that are started by portable fire heaters is cause through lack of knowledge and human error by placing them beside combustible items. The only flaw I saw with the conclusion was that there was no data to substantiate the point that it is because of the design of the portable fire heaters that cause these fires. This statement seems opinionated and seems like something that was conveniently used to make a point to the makers of these items.

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