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Fire chief

Every city, regardless of preventive measures taken, faces a risk of fire. In spite of this, many cities and towns face challenges related to shortage of fire fighting staff. According to Barr and Eversole (2003), due to this reason, these cities recruit volunteers who help them meet the challenges of fire fighting. As a fire Chief in a major city, I have a responsibility of making sure that at any one time, there are enough volunteers to meet any fire emergencies. I would use the following strategies to attract volunteers.

The first strategy would be to train volunteers on diverse skills, apart from fire fighting skills, which include first aid skills and emergency evacuation skills. According to Dubois and Karcher (2005), this strategy would attract volunteers since it would impart them with knowledge on other skills which complement fire fighting, such as first aid skills. The second strategy would involve publicizing the need of fire volunteers. I would visit various schools and talk to students on the benefits of working as volunteers in the fire department.

I would advise them that this is one of the ways in which someone can give back to the community. I would visit them with a fire survivor who would narrate his or her experience, and how they were rescued. According to Landskroner (2002), this strategy would enable me to attract youthful volunteers who are most needed by the fire department. The third strategy would be to issue volunteers with a certificate after training. In the certificate, I would state the skills learned and other attributes observed in the volunteers. Afterward, I would recommend then for job opportunities or other openings which are relevant to the skills acquired.

In case the population is growing at a steady rate, I would recruit a fixed number of volunteers after regular intervals, such as after every three months. However, if the population is increasing at an irregular rate, I would increase or decrease the number of volunteers depending on the population levels at the time. In sudden increase of population size, I would increase the number of volunteers and vice verse. In this scenario, the policy issues which would arise, which may be a cause of conflict, is the role of volunteers in comparison to fire fighters.

There has to be a clear distinction between the two, and their roles should complement each other as opposed to supplementation. Clear regulations and policies would be formulated to describe the roles of the volunteers and firefighters in order to prevent conflict. References. Barr, R. C. , Eversole, J. (2003). The Fire Chief’s Handbook. New York: Penn Well Books. Dubois, D. L. , Karcher, M. J. (2005). Handbook of Youth Mentoring. New York: SAGE. Landskroner, R. A. (2002). The Nonprofit Manager’s Resource Directory. Washington: John Wiley and Sons.

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