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Fine arts

A study conducted has discovered the role of fine arts for the development of students in elementary school level of study. It focuses on various issues that surround the student at that level of study. The systems used during the transfer of knowledge, overall development of the student both mentally, physically and emotionally at that level of study and the attitude the student has towards school at that level has been studied.

The data that was collected in an elementary school has also been seen where it shows that the students who undergo elementary level of education in arts section are well fit in society as compared to those who have not undergone. They are seen to posses’ higher self esteem and are also highly motivated to achieve in higher levels of learning. The parents were able to confirm the observations of their children who have undergone the fine arts education. The study has also looked into the role of elementary school teachers and the challenges they face in the performance of their duties.

The study also looked into the limits the fine arts can go to. It is seen that fine arts has many related faculties in the higher levels of education (Evans, 2008). Introduction Art cannot be seen to answer the questions that people face in their daily lives. It can only make us to be conscious of the reality of the problems that we face in life. Arts contribution is seen in various areas which include math, analysis, cognitive capability, possession of critical thoughts and communication skills. The study of fine arts is also seen to be important in developing motivation, awareness, self belief and joint effort.

Fine arts on the other hand play a major role in doing away with the gap that exists in children in society. Since arts plays a crucial role in the lives of various individuals in the world the propagators who are the art teachers have a very important role to play in it. Some of the important things they do include discovering the Childs individual needs give instruction based on the need offer a conducive learning environment and help the children in general knowledge acquisition. They also have a major role in modeling their students.

The teachers though they play a critical role in the student’s ability are faced with various challenges which range from personal to those caused by other stake holders in the institution. Arts have been able to go to greater heights since most individuals have realized its importance. It has therefore been made to be part of the school curriculum, where it is integrated with other subjects. Other facets of the study of fine art in education have been looked into. They range from protectionism technology education and media arts in education (Gist, 2007).

Literature review According to Abakanowicz Arts education helps to solve troubles faced by individuals. To him arts are related to almost all things that affect almost all nations in the world. It ranges from success in academics, social and emotional growth of the individuals, public commitment and equal opportunities in life. The Rand Corporation in their 2005 report with reference to illustrated arts argues that inborn pleasures and the spur of the art skill have so many effects in an individual’s life.

It has been said in the report that arts bond people to the world and enable them to have other dimensions of looking at things in the world. By doing all that to a social human being it encourages togetherness and peaceful coexistence in the society. To them learning fine arts in schools helps in reducing the breach that has contributed to leaving some children behind in education sectors (Shiner, 2003). According to the 2007-08 AEP state policy database, education plan has been able to recognize the worth of arts in their daily day to day activities.

About half the states in world have made art education compulsory while most of them have set arts education principles and others have set the necessary requirements for high school graduation. The American act put forward in 1994 acknowledged arts to be made to be one of the subjects that all schools in the United States should teach. According to the study carried out by Johns Hopkins in his Music lessons, it is seen that scientists can now use imaging expertise to keep track of the brain action while the students play various instruments.

He found out that inventiveness run when some areas of the brain that control hang-up and self discipline are shut. According to Michael Posner of University of Oregon the arts has a role in growth of concentration in an individual. To him imaging know how is so receptive that it can be able to distinguish the brain action of students engaging in two different activities. The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw is a school that was established mainly for the purposes of art. It has been able to run seven faculties with specializations.

It has been able to create employment for many professionals. It is also conducting various researches in different fields. They also offer various degree programs (Bresler, 2007). Findings Children from higher income earning parents are often exposed to arts whether the public schools offer or not. Those from poor backgrounds do not have that opportunity as their parents cannot afford the cost of meeting the required expenses. Arts have therefore helped the children from poor backgrounds to have higher heights in play fields with the children who have had the experiences earlier on.

The classes in elementary level have different sizes and contain students with different gifts interests and wishes. A teacher is therefore faced with the problem of being able to accommodate all the students. A teacher has to acquire different methods of instruction in order to deal with each and every need of the student. By so doing he or she will be able to keep and improve individual learning. Often the teacher receive complains from the parents concerning the performance of their children as they think that the teacher is the only individual who hold the key to the child’s success.

Most teachers in elementary level are each responsible for a class of students and they train nearly all subjects. They therefore have to look for ways of ensuring success for every child. Some may therefore decide to teach together or teach various subjects at different levels. The teachers have to be ready to work with children and to enable them to develop helpful self concepts in the child and whole development through giving them an opportunity to work paying attention to their needs and engaging them in team work (Sargent, 2010).

Taking part in art especially music, boost the capability of an individual to concentrate in various activities. Hence schools which do not offer art as part of their curriculum are working against the rule of how learning occurs. They should use art as an educational tool where things are integrated to ensure effective learning, for example in music use of musical notes helps in lessons of fractions in mathematics. Arts should therefore be incorporated to other subjects to ensure its effectiveness.

The pressure to increase the test scores has been a challenge as it has led to condensation of the time given to art subjects. Arts if taken into consideration have the ability to create employment for most professionals while giving children an opportunity to participate in various fields of their interests. It also enables people to gain new knowledge as the professionals in various faculties continually conduct research in their fields. The department of arts in various universities offers financial assistance to students in various departments since students from performing arts comes from the entire university.

It also offers scholarships to allow people to do away with individual differences brought by culture, education and individual ability (Hurwitz & Day, 2006). Technology education has turned out to be the latest version of what used to be vocational education. It has been passed from one culture to the other and is highly ranked in the American society. It is seen to prepare people for job opportunities and to be productive in society. Media arts education on the other hand focuses on individual goals of self expression and creativity.

This facet work directly with students in schools and other times teachers. Conclusion Art education should start with the belief by all the participants that art is valuable. A student should therefore be provided with art education at the elementary level so as to be able to develop their own personal abilities, talents and interests. Teachers specializing in elementary school level should be given enough training so as to be able to deal with various child differences . More research should also be carried out to dig deeper into the importance of arts education in various individuals.

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