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Essays on Fine Arts

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Janet Echelman's Story of Taking Imagination Seriously

Janet Echelman is a self-proclaimed artist who never formally learned the craftsmanship of being an architect, engineer, or sculptor. However, her story is one of determination and perseverance through adversity that fuels inspiration to make imagination a reality. Ms. Echelman was an honored speaker at a 2011 TED Talk conference and the title of her speech was, “Taking Imagination Seriously”. The focus of her speech is about the ability to utilize numerous inventive methods to bring about the natural beauty…...

Parmigianino's Painting Madonna With a Long Neck

"Madonna with a Long Neck" is among the most well-known works of Parmigianino, or Girolamo Francesco Maria Mazolla of Parma. Its beauty, stylishness, lengthened forms represent its coming from the later phase of Quirk. For Quirk, the intricacy of kinds and unnatural distortions were typical, given that there was no function to make the painting similar to nature, but to portray the inner concept of something with the aid of a manner. This type of mindset to art is clearly…...

The Gross Clinic

“I never knew of but one artist, and this is Tom Eakins, who could resist the temptation to see what they think ought to be rather than what is. ” – Walt Whitman Thomas Eakins, was one the most important painters of American Art History. He also was an photographer, sculptor, and fine arts educator. In this essay, you will explore his life, his works and one of his most famous paintings' which considered shocking by viewers: The Gross Clinic.…...

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Analysis of Painting Las Meninas by Diego Velazquez

Las Meninas is considered to be Diego Velazquez’s magnum opus. Painted in the 1600s, this 3D painting was ahead of its time. Deviating from his classic bodegon art or genre based painting, Diego created a surreal impression of the royal family that permanently put him above his peers. Originally named “The Family of Philip IV”, the painting creates a picturesque representation of the royal family. And Diego did not see the need to sign his name on it- he instead…...

Analysis of Requirements Elicitation

Introduction Requirements elicitation is the practice of researching and discovering the requirements of a system from users, customers, and other stakeholders. It is also reffered as requirement gathering. The term elicitation is commonly used in books and research to determine that good requirements isn't just obtained through collection of data from customers. Requirement elicitation practices include interviews, questionnaires, observation, brainstorming and prototyping. This information can be analyzed though an elicitation process which is usually followed by analysis and specification of…...

Paintings of Courbet and Monet

A Burial At Ornans About forty peasant mourners are depicted in this painting by the French painter Gustave Courbet. This work was done between 1849 and1850, around the period of the 1848 French revolution where art became oppositional to the idealistic portrayals of society. Courbet communicated a very insightful reasoning that somewhat introduced his style: “Since art is ideal, anything that is not art must be what is real”. Courbet was a realist painter ; his principles were based on…...

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