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Findings of Hoi Tin Tong Essay

Nowadays, about one half of youngsters would eat Chinese herbal food. 70% of them would not buy Chinese herbal food more than 3 times per month since it is not a necessary food. The whole of youngsters would not spend more than $400/month and majority of them would not spend more than $100 per month. Basically, all youngsters have a habit for buying specify brand. Mass of them would Chinese herbal food due to the avail. Over 50% of them would consider the needs, price and brand. They would obtain the information from own experiences, friends, family and internet for making buying decision to the food.

Since Hoi Tin Tong is a famous and traditional brand in HK, also Hung Fook Tong has built up a fashion image to youngsters and has various types of products, they are the major brand of youngsters would buy constantly. They have occupied half of market and are chosen by 25% of youngsters separately. The others brands are Nin Jiom, Tung Fong Hung, Eu Yan Sang… Thus, Hung Fook Tong is the main competitor of Hoi Tin Tong in market of Chinese Herbal Food. Anyway, a few youngsters feel no need and it is without effectiveness of Chinese herbal food.

Hoi Tin Tong Herbal Turtle Gummy : Although “Hoi Tin Tong” is a famous brand in HK, not more than 50% of youngsters have bought its products before. It proofs that Hoi Tin Tong’s promotion cannot bring stimulate feeling to youngsters. Lots of them have eaten traditional herbal jelly before and some of them have eaten freshness retained jelly series and new product – herbal gummy series. TV advertisement is the chief to communicate with multitude. It has large broad coverage and stronger impression.

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So that TV advertisement of herbal turtle gummy is successful for the target group of youngsters, about 60% of youngsters have known this new product and around 30% of them have bought before. They feel it is an originality product for the market. Besides, least 30% of youngsters would get the information from friends, family and branch. It is one of the media to spread the gummy. Youngsters are updated to trend by keeping close pace with advertisement and influenced by their friends or family members in certain extend.

However turtle gummy is a new product in the market, most of them would make buying decision due to curiousness thus. Some of them would buy the gummy base on friend’s recommendations, as youngsters are affected by their contemporaries easily. Only a few youngsters would buy base on the avail, brand and needs, because youngsters cannot obtain enough information from fewer channel. But around 40% of them still feel the advertisement lack of persuasion; they would not spend more money on the unnecessary goods, as they are not understand the avail and advantages absolutely of gummy.

In order to draw their attention and propagandize the characteristic of gummy, Hoi Tin Tong should add some new elements into and retain the good one. For example, invite a star who to be their spokesman to promote the gummy can attract youngsters. Then, youngsters build up a smart image thought the advertisement. By the taste of gummy, combine with product test, most of youngsters are not favor the taste of turtle gummy so much, even unpalatable. Over 80% of them gave not more than 6 marks (0=the lowest, 10=the highest). And they said that the gummy is strange and too bitter.

Also, some of them feel thirsty after eating. Hoi Tin Tong may make some changes of the taste in order to increase the opportunity of continuously youngsters’ buying behavior. Moreover, majority of youngsters buy the gummy from branch. All of them feel so difficult to buy and over 50% of youngsters expect that they can buy from convenience and supermarket. Even this is one of the important reasons to generate why they do not buy the gummy. In addition, all the world is face the financial tsunami now; youngsters feel the price is too expensive.

It also is one of the main reasons for the youngsters do not buy the gummy. They would compare the gummy with others gummy in the market base on the taste, size, avail, brand, etc. Also, they feel the avail is not as same as traditional turtle jelly. And half of youngsters suggested that the best price should be $8/pack. Thus, Hoi Tin Hong should modulate the price of turtle gummy to humor the younger. Furthermore, more than half of youngsters would keep on consuming it, if turtle gummy is conductive to improve the health.

So Hoi Tin Tong should do something to set a certain image for turtle gummy and show detail information of its avail to youngsters Besides, there are about 75% of youngsters feel the package of gummy is quite beautiful. The yellow color is very sharp. But package design is not enough to make buying decision of youngsters; over 50% of them don’t like the gummy as they like traditional turtle jelly more. The majority reasons are that they feel the taste of jelly is better and like eating in the branch.

Only 40% of them like turtle gummy more, because they feel the package are convenience to carry out anywhere. Minority of them like gummy more than jelly is due to the cheaper price and better taste. Ultimately, we know that youngsters have not enough information to realize turtle gummy. Then, they would not buy and try it in order to reduce the risk. Hoi Tin Tong should establish a positive and special image for turtle first. It can increase satisfaction of youngsters and modify their viewpoints being better.

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