Finding Scripture: Humanity and Ethics Worksheet and Journal Essay

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Finding Scripture: Humanity and Ethics Worksheet and Journal

For Part 1 of this assignment, you will need to read each section in the “Story of the Bible” media piece. When you open the media piece, click on each flag/banner (creation, fall, covenant, prophecy, gospel, restoration). Read the entire media piece and answer the following questions. Here is the link to “The Story of the Bible.”

Write 2- 3 complete sentences for each of the six sections below. Solid academic writing is expected. Refer to the GCU Academic Writing Guidelines in the Student Success Center. Please type your answer directly beneath each question so the instructor can see the question and your answer in the same place.

1. Write 2-3 sentences explaining why the creation account is so significant to the Christian worldview. What difference does it make to someone’s thought and practice to believe that humans are created in the image of God versus being the result of random processes acting blindly on matter? Being created in Gods image is so significant to the person that follows God. Individual have a strong faith base in God the creator of all things. God said in his word that we are created in his image. He said it and it is so.

2. Write 2-3 sentences explaining what the Fall (in Genesis 3) reveals about humanity and human morality. Genesis states the God honors the freedom of humans by giving us commands and choices for us to make. God will forgive us for our sins and allow us to redeem ourselves by going to him and seeking him.

3. Write 2-3 sentences explaining the importance of God revealing Himself through covenants. The importance of God revealing himself is to set rules for individuals to follow. God has made rules and guidelines for people to follow and abide by.

4. Write 2-3 sentences explaining what the prophecies about the Messiah tell us about Jesus. Messiah stated that Jesus will be pierced for our sins and our iniquities and we will have piece through him. Also, through the pain of Jesus we are healed from the sin of our own.

5. Write 2-3 sentences explaining the significance of Jesus’ life and ministry. God sent Jesus to earth in human form to spread God’s word. Jesus was arrested and sentenced to death, he returned on the Sabbath day.

6. Write 2-3 sentences explaining how restoration and redemption are significant for people’s purpose as individuals and for humankind in general. In general, for everyone will die and come into the spirit life with a new body. The individuals that believe in God/Jesus will enter into the kingdom of heaven and for the people that does not have faith in God will go to hell.

Now, review your responses to questions 1- 6. In the space below these instructions, write a three paragraph summary of the Christian worldview.

Organize your summary as follows: Paragraph One:
Write a summary of the Christian worldview. What are the core beliefs and values of a Christian worldview as demonstrated in the “Story of the Bible?”

Paragraph Two:
Explain why it is important to know the “Story of the Bible.” What common themes did you see throughout the “Story of the Bible? “

Paragraph Three:
How would you compare and contrast your own worldview with a Christian worldview? If you do not hold a Christian worldview what are the differences and similarities between your worldview and the Christian worldview? If you do hold a Christian worldview how does it impact your daily decisions and actions? Write your three paragraphs below. Please use Times New Roman 12 point font (the same as this document) and indent the first line of every paragraph one tab.

Part 2 – Journal on Find Out Your Worldview Quiz

For Part 2, you will write a 250-500 word journal entry reflecting on your
results of the “Find Out Your Worldview” quiz. Here is a link to the quiz.

Please note that the quiz is a discussion starter more than the final answer on about your worldview. Depending on how you interpret some of the questions, you could end up with a result different than you are expecting. Some people take the quiz a couple of times with a different spin on the questions and get different final results. So if the result is different from what you are expecting, please do not be too surprised. After taking the “Find Out Your Worldview” quiz, write about your results. Specifically address the following two questions in your writing: Do you agree with the result you received? Why or why not?

What did you learn about yourself by taking this quiz?

APA style is not required for this assignment but solid academic writing is expected. Please double space your writing. Indent the first line of every paragraph one tab. Use Times New Roman 12 point font. Write your journal entry in the space below.

God’s images are significant individuals that are followers of God. People have faith and keep God as the head of everything that they do. Having faith is what christens and followers of God hold on too for core values. The value of God also includes the preaching and teaching of Jesus with love and compassion for others. Not to be judgmental. God is the Son of Jesus which whom was sent to earth in human form to spread his word. Jesus was also sacrificed to allow us (his children) to forgive our sins. God gave his only son so that he could die for our sins. He then came back on the Sabbath day and continued to spread the word of God. My worldviews are of Christian views and values.

However, I do not call myself a Christian. I call myself a child of God. Jesus is my savior, and head of my house. By holding Christian worldviews my decisions are based off of the morals and faith in God. By following Gods faith, his word keeps me in line of my decisions and keeping my core values. Yes, I do agree with the results that I received because I follow the ways of God/Jesus, because he is the way truth and the light. I have not learned anything about myself from the quiz that I have taken. I have always followed the footsteps of God/Jesus. Since I was a child my mother has taught me to follow him ways of God/Jesus.

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