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Q1. We learn about the type of people who live in the neighborhood. It sets up the stereotype of young black youth living in the Bronx, New York. It shows the setting as a city with high-rise buildings and people who are not in wealth. It shows the struggles they have to go thorough.

Q2. The two main characters are Jamal and William Forrester. Jamal is a young African-American boy who lives in the Bronx. He is a very intelligent person and just does enough at school to not stand out because he knows his friends will not accept him for his intelligence.

He does a test and receives test scores that show how smart he actually is. This catches attention from a private school and he is offered a scholarship. He clashes with William Forrester by the man looking out his window spying on Jamal and his friends playing basketball. Jamal breaks into his apartment and is scared of by William.

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His backpack falls off and is left in the apartment. William goes through his bag and emulates his writing pieces. The bag is given back to Jamal and he wants to be taught how to write better from William.

Q3. It tells us how the boys speculate the window is ‘bad news’. They talk about how they should stay away from the window. They cogitate about a ghost in the window and come to a conclusion that some of the boys will go inside the apartment to see the mystery behind the window.

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Q4. We find out that the apartment is darkened and is not a friendly place. There are unusual items around the house and has been darkened on purpose to show us how it’s a mysterious place. This was done by the director to cause us to think it’s not a inviting place to live.

Q5. It shows us that he knows how the man is judging him because of background where he is from and by his race’s past. It also shows us how intelligent Jamal is and how he is much smarter than his circumstances betray him.

Q6. The director made us wait until 25 minutes to see the window because it builds suspense and questions the audience to think about what it is like. This makes the audience fall further into the movie causing them to keep their eyes glued onto the screen. This means the movie will keep them engaged and which makes people enjoy the movie much more. This means the movie will be a success.

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