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Financial statements Essay Examples

Financial Statements: A Step-by-Step Guide to Understanding and Creating Financial Reports

Investment Appraisal Introduction Question 1             An investment appraisal is a planning process that is utilized in determining the preparedness of a business to undertake a long term investments such as expansion, developing a new project, acquiring new machinery among others (Les Dlabay, 2007). This is a complex process that requires the analysis of sources…

Accounting Regulation Essay

Over the years there has been a continual debate over the necessity of accounting regulations. Some people have many reasons favouring accounting regulations such as the belief that accounting conventions are needed in order to allocate and control the economic outcomes of resource allocation and information stipulation in the market. However, others have arguments against…

Uniform accounting standards produce

In the last decade, various countries around the globe have shifted towards a uniform accounting standards or the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). The main motive behind this movement is to come up with a global language for accounting which will be comparable and understandable beyond the borders of a nation. As of today about…



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Four Types Of Financial Statements

Financial Statements come in four basic types; income statement, retained earnings, the statement of cash flow and the balance sheet. These statements are used both internally and externally to calculate the profitability and liabilities of a company. The financial statements of a company are the window for managers, investors, and creditors into the stability of…

Financial Statements

2. Review the Financial Statements: Income Statement from the Accounting and Bookkeeping lesson under the Business Finance section of this course. Use the information from the example income statement for Jamie’s Bead Jewelry to answer the questions below. a. What are the two sources of revenue for the company? (0.5 points) b. What is the…

Meralco Financial Statements

Manila Electric Company or MERALCO, holds a congressional franchise under Republic Act or RA No. 9209 effective June 28, 2003. RA No. 9209 grants MERALCO a 25-year franchise valid through June 28, 2028 to construct, operate, and maintain the electric distribution system in the cities and municipalities, and barangays in the provinces of Batangas, Laguna,…

Financial statements

David Sheridan provided statements that did not reflect Global’s current financial situation which mislead creditors and investors. Borrowing more money would have indicated that the business was in the process of losing assets which would cause stakeholders withdraw and to discontinue investing with the company. This is similar to the Enron scandal, which greatly affected…

Financial statements

1) Which of the following statements is true? 2) Notes to the financial statements include which of the following: 3) Which of the following financial statements is divided into major categories of operating, investing, and financing activities? 4) If the retained earnings account increases from the beginning of the year to the end of the…

Financial Statements

What does the Consolidated Statements of Earnings the income statement tell you about the company? Why is this statement important? What business decisions could be made using the income statement? What does the balance sheet tell you about the company? Why is the balance sheet important? What business decisions could be made using the balance sheet?…

Health Care Case Study: Financial Statements

Abstract “An empowered organization is one in which individuals have the knowledge, skill, desire, and opportunity to personally succeed in a way that leads to collective organizational success,” (Covey. 2011). Financial management within a health care organization is crucial to the success and stability of the organization. In this summary financial information on Patten Fuller…

Review of Financial Statements

Financial statements are essential accounting tools which include balance sheets, cash flow statements, and income statements that provide information on a company’s past and present financial history. Information on financial statements can be used by any number of public and private entities to determine if an organization’s financial status is healthy. Burger King and McDonald’s…

Patton Fuller Financial Statements

Financial statements hold a great deal of information on them and there are many things to consider when reviewing them. A financial statement can be audited or unaudited which vary in expense information. There are effects of revenue sources to consider and businesses have a different revenue every year. They can either be close in…

Accounting Materiality Case

After the release of the SFAC No. 8, your definition of materiality has been brought into question. In the past, your rule for determining materiality was based solely on quantitative data, where an event was only material if its impact was more than a given percentage of the income statement amounts. Using a quantitative measure…

The Four Most Important Financial Statements

What are the four most important financial statements? Briefly describe each Much success in today’s business world is tied in with numbers in the form of accounting and financial statements. Being able to understand and properly read these statements is a critical component in truly knowing a business and properly assessing its overall financial performance….

A Primer on Sarbanes-Oxley

This paper identifies issues, activities and practices, in financial reporting by public companies that were sanctioned by the Sarbanes-Oxley legislation Act of 2002 (SOX). This act was passed with the intent to restore public confidence and increase transparency in financial reports of publicly held companies, due to the aftermath of the financial scandals that plagued…


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