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Financial Accounting Standards Board

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Charging off equipment that cost less than $20 would be an example of the application of: a. |going concern| b. |cost| c. |matching| d. |materiality| e. |realization| ANS:D 2. The going concern assumption: a. |is applicable to all financial statements| b. |primarily involves periodic income measurement| c. |allows for the statements to be prepared under generally accepted accounting principles| d. |requires that accounting procedures be the same from period to period| e. |none of the answers are correct|

Understating assets and revenues is justified based on: a.

|realization assumption| b. |matching| c. |consistency| d. |realization| e. |none of the answers are correct| ANS:E 4. The assumption that enables us to prepare periodic statements between the time that a business commences operations and the time it goes out of business is: a. |time period| b. |business entity| c. |historical cost| d. |transaction| e. |none of the answers are correct| ANS:A 5. Valuing assets at their liquidation values is not consistent with: a. |conservatism| b.

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|materiality| c. |going concern| d. |time period| . |none of the answers are correct| ANS:C 6. The business being separate and distinct from the owners is an integral part of the: a. |time period assumption| b. |going concern assumption| c. |business entity assumption| d. |realization assumption| e. |none of the answers are correct| ANS:C 7.

The principle that assumes the reader of the financial statements is not interested in the liquidation values is: a. |conservatism| b. |matching| c. |time period| d. |realization| e. |none of the answers are correct| ANS:E 8.

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An accounting period that ends when operations are at a low ebb is: a. a calendar year| b. |a fiscal year| c. |the natural business year| d. |an operating year| e. |none of the answers are correct| ANS:C 9. The accounting principle that assumes that inflation will not take place or will be immaterial is: a. |monetary unit| b. |historical cost| c. |realization| d. |going concern| e. |none of the answers are correct| ANS:A 10. Valuing inventory at the lower of cost or market is an application of the: a. |time period assumption| b. |realization principle| c. |going concern principle| d. |conservatism principle| e. |none of the answers are correct| ANS:D 11.

The realization principle leads accountants to usually recognize revenue at: a. |the end of production| b. |during production| c. |the receipt of cash| d. |the point of sale| e. |none of the answers are correct| ANS:D 12. The comment that “items that are not material may be recorded in the financial statements in the most economical and expedient manner possible” is representative of: a. |matching| b. |conservatism| c. |realization| d. |materiality| e. |none of the answers are correct| ANS:D 13. The assumption that deals with when to recognize the costs that are associated with the revenue that is being recognized is: a. matching| b. |going concern| c. |consistency| d. |materiality| e. |none of the answers are correct| ANS:A 14. The most significant current source of generally accepted accounting principles is the: a. |New York Stock Exchange| b. |Accounting Principles Board| c. |Accounting Research Studies| d. |AICPA committee on Accounting Procedure| e. |Financial Accounting Standards Board| ANS:E 15. All but one of the following statements indicates a difference between the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and prior approaches. Select the one that is not a difference. a. The FASB is independent of the AICPA. | b. |

The size of the board is much smaller. | c. |The FASB has broader representation. | d. |The FASB is the primary board for the development of generally accepted accounting principles. | e. |Members of the FASB serve on a full-time basis. | ANS:D 16. The Accounting Principles Board issued Opinions between: a. |1959-1973| b. |1939-1959| c. |1973-present| d. |1966-1976| e. |none of the answers are correct| ANS:A 17. The Financial Accounting Standards Board has issued statements between: a. |1960-1973| b. |1939-1959| c. |1973-present| d. 1966-1976| e. |none of the answers are correct| ANS:C 18. Accountants face a problem of when to recognize revenue. Which of the following methods of recognizing revenue is not used in practice? a. |point of sale| b. |point of order acceptance| c. |end of production| d. |receipt of cash| e. |revenue recognized during production| ANS:B 19.

The organization that has by federal law the responsibility to adopt auditing standards is the: a. |New York Stock Exchange| b. |Public Company Accounting Oversight Board| c. |Accounting Principles Board| d. |Financial Accounting Standards Board| . |AICPA Committee on Accounting Procedure| ANS:B 20. By law, the setting of accounting standards is the responsibility of the: a. |AICPA Committee on Accounting Procedure| b. |New York Stock Exchange| c. |Accounting Principles Board| d. |Securities and Exchange Commission| e. |Financial Accounting Standards Board| ANS:D 21. The assumption that allows accountants to accept some inaccuracy, because of incomplete information about the future, in exchange for more timely reporting is: a. |conservatism| b. |time period| c. |business entity| d. |materiality| e. |realization| ANS:B 22.

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