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Finance Essay Examples

Essay on Finance

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PfizerWorks Essay

...If a business is simply in it to open 1 or 2 stores, that this arrangement may not work well due to cost concerns, time to research the agreement to see how beneficial it may be, and the political skills required to make an arrangement like this in the first place. However if the mission of the company is to go state wide and eventually national, then something like this may prove a cost savings for them and benefit them in the long haul so their top people can be working on expansion and not me...

Cash flow stream


Littlefield Simulation

...In our simulation, we were able to control the amount of machines and the way testing was scheduled in order to maximize the factory’s overall cash position. Below is a graph showing the utilization of the machines at station 1. Based on graph we were instantly able to see that at station 1 there was a massive bottleneck because utilization was over 100%. This made us decide to purchase an additional 3 machines to help reduce that. As shown, utilization was brought down and become helpful duri...

Thompson Asset Management

...The relative risk is measured by Beta which was calculated by regressing a portfolio's returns against the market returns. ProIndex was compared to S&P 500 whereas ProValue compared to S&P mid?cap 400. Both the funds present a similar value and close to 1, meaning that the risk is close to market. ProIndex (1,014) has a lower value than ProValue (1,089) which is reasonable since the former is a fund that replicates the S&P 500. The risk relative to a benchmark is measured by alpha, w...

Alexander Hamilton's Financial Plan

...Another way Hamilton proposed to pay the nation's debts was to raise money through taxing. His plan increased taxes on imported goods, as well as placed a tax on items such as whiskey. This raise in taxes not only affected the rich but the poor as well because the tax related to a variety of items. As a result of the tax on whiskey, a group of poor farmers in Western Pennsylvania rebelled, resulting in the Whiskey Rebellion. Answer B is incorrect because the taxes placed by Hamilton's plan affec...

Becoming A Certified Public Accountant

...Upon completion of the necessary requirements for graduation, I will receive my diploma on June 10th of the current year. When I venture to Old Dominion University in the fall, I will seek the career that will allow me to make a difference in the business world and offer an attractive salary. Double Majoring in Accounting and Finance with a minor in Business Administration will provide necessary elements associated with accounting, so that I may be successful in my future endeavor. The CPA profe...

Hitting the Wall: Nike and International Labor Practices

...Members of the Corporate Responsibility team will report directly to the VP. These members include the Chief Labor Policy Spokesman, the Nike.com Spokesman and each country's Nike Operations Director. For each country that Nike has operations, a manager level position will be created to help assure compliance with the new Nike Code of Conduct. Each manager will be of the same nationality as the country they direct. This will provide Nike with cultural insight and ensure that the cultural needs o...

Profit Maximization / Maximization of Shareholder Wealth

...Also, social responsibility may play a part in the maximization of shareholder wealth. If the public perceives a corporation as being socially responsible they may become more loyal customers. Knowing that a local corporation has taken steps toward pollution control would make me much more likely interested in consuming their goods as I would feel that I was aiding my community. More business from loyal consumers maximizes profits as well as shareholder wealth. Although the above example of poll...

Rosario Acero S.A.

...Overall, the debt financing option seems better for Rosario Acero. The EPS produced are forecasted to be higher and the firm would maintain most of its flexibility and not give up any control of the firm. The risk associated with debt is less than that associated with equity financing as well. Although the income would be negatively affected in the last years of the loan due to the large payments, there should be no problem generating enough income in earlier years to cover it. Unfortunately, th...

Twin Towers

...We are calling for trouble because we want to show terrorist we are a land that can do anything and build a taller building then the ones they collapsed. United States has to learn that we are a state that is united in every way and grow stronger with each day that passes. Work Cited 1. Dwyer, Jim and Flynn, Kevin. 102 Minutes. New York: Henry Holt, 2005. Print. 2. Firmage, P. Joseph. “Intersecting Facts and Theories on 9/11. ” (2006): 19. Print. 3. Jacobson, Sid and Colon, Erine. The 9/11 R...

The role of compensation and rewards in modern organization

...The first thing employers should consider when developing compensation packages is fairness. It is absolutely vital that businesses maintain internal and external equity. Internal equity refers to fairness between employees in the same business while external equity refers to relative wage fairness compared to wages with other farms or businesses. No matter the compensation level, if either internal or external equity is violated, a business will most likely experience employee dissatisfaction a...

Major causes of unemployment

...The Work-for-the-Dole Scheme is part of the Howard Governments mutual obligation principle. This requires 18 to 24 year olds that have been on benefits for more than six months to participate in and activity in addition to job search. This has assisted over 200,000 unemployed to rebuild self-confidence, and develop work ethic and skills Although this does encourage regeneration of work habits the Work-for-the-Dole Scheme conveys very few technical or vocational skills. The New Appre...

Nike Case Study

...Do you think Nike needs to make any changes to its current policy? If so what? Should Nike make changes even if they hinder the ability of the company to compete?Nike should adopt policies which work across the globe where their factories and workers are concerned. They need to ensure that all their contractors obey both the wage regulations and local working conditions in all countries. Nike can ensure this either by designating a labor inspector in each of their regions whom will report the de...

Hero-Written after 9/11

...All across America heroism was demonstrated. Soon after the events that took place on September 11, people all over America sent money, gave blood, pitched a hand, rushed to all the sites to help out as much as they could and some bought stocks just to keep the economy from falling. This tragic event shows just how people come together as one to protect each other, and keep one another from harm. But in the end it is sad. It is sad because it doesn't make sense why it takes something so tragic a...

Macroeconomic Aims of a Government

...On the other hand, stability of a country's exchange rate in the foreign exchange market (FOREX) is vital, as fluctuations of the exchange rate create adverse effects to the economy. There are mainly two cases which are prevalent in most economies. Firstly, an appreciation of the exchange rate may cause exports to become relatively dearer, and lead to loss of competitiveness (comparative advantage) to a country. Secondly, a depreciation of the exchange rate brings about serious domestic inflatio...

Causes of high unemployment in Zimbabwe

...All the stake holders, citizens and the government must all be actively involved the reduction of unemployment. Without this combined effort and commitment, unemployment is likely to continue rising since the economic conditions are worsening and it is becoming more difficult for the companies that had survived before to continue surviving. If things are left unattended to as they at the moment, unemployment will grow to be a self created time-bomb for the government and will eventually build en...

Major causes of inflation in Zimbabwe

...The view that Zimbabwe can do without international agencies (such as IMF/World Bank) is not very valid since Zimbabwe rely on single [http://www.ntsearch.com/search.php?q=single&%3Bv=56] product namely tobacco and to some extent mining sector for the export earnings. This is insufficient given the imported raw materials needed for its manufacturing sector; hence, donor support is needed to improve the balance of payment situation. External support will assist the government [http://www.ntse...

Teamwork and Motivation

...In conclusion, organizations truly have their work cut out for them when analyzing the best method to use when creating a motivation plan. This task is not a one-size-fits-all deal and company executives must factors in all of the key questions to reach their ultimate goal of retaining employees. Motivating employees can be a difficult task if an organization does not ask themselves the right questions. Having a clear and concise plan that is encouraged and communicated throughout the organizati...

External causes for Enron to collapse

...A key external issue was conflict of interest on the part of accounting and law firms working for Enron. Arthur Andersen, the company's accounting firm, arguably had a conflict of interest in that Arthur Andersen provided both external audit services and internal consulting for Enron. If Arthur Andersen were to challenge the propriety of Enron's financial statements in its annual audit, it ran the risk of jeopardizing its lucrative consulting and "inside" accounting work for its client. Moreover...

Social Responsibilities in Contractualization

...The researchers will also conduct interviews in order evaluate whether employees have enough knowledge about their rights and privileges and if their employers exercise social responsibilities towards the employees. These interviews will be conducted to the contractual employees of different department stores in San Fernando City La Union. At the end of the report, the reporters expect that the users of the information are fully guided with the social responsibilities towards contractual employe...

Macroeconomics and Government

...The economy would like some small inflation at some point since with a small inflation the real costs for companies always fall and they have to have an incentive in order to increase production. To see why consider the contracts that companies set up, They are all based on nominal variables. A small inflation will reduce the real value of these contracts, and keeping with the domino affect the firms have an incentive to increase real output at lower real costs. Total output will rise in this pa...

The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board

...Holstrom, Gary & Ray, Thomas. PCAOB Standards-Setting Update Prepared for the Auditor's Report (Summer 2006). Retrieved on February 7, 2007, from http://aaahq.org/audit/Pubs/Audrep/06summer/item04.htmMcDonnell, Patrick. The PCAOD and the Future of Oversight. Retrieved February 7, 2007, from http://www.aicpa.org/pubs/jofa/dec2004/mcdonn.htmThe PCAOB. Annual Report for 2005 & 2007 Annual Budget. Retrieved on February 7, 2007, from http://www.pcaobus.orgWebCPA. Online Expo Center. Retrieved...

Citibank: Performance Evaluation

...Second, it would be worthwhile for Frits and Lisa to review the scores of the other managers focusing on customer satisfaction- this is to find out how all the managers are faring with the new performance indicator and to determine James' performance vis-à-vis his colleagues. If the general results of the customer satisfaction are similar with that of James, then his concerns are not unfounded- it may be that while the branches are doing their best in extending excellent customer service, the c...

The Farmers' Grievances

...Finally, the farmers believed that their chief grievance was against the system of money and banking. The value of the dollar was greater than it once had been. It would buy two bushels of grain where formerly it would but only one. The overproduction theory, low prices of goods and high interest rates added together with the commissions, debts and mortgages made the rising value of the dollar a serious matter for the farmers. By 1879, the greenback currency reached a full value with gold. This ...

Tax Audit and Tax Investigation in Malaysia

...Mike Moffatt (2009). Income taxes- government spending on infrastructure. The effect of income tax on economic growth. Retrieved 27 February, 2009, from http://economics.about.com/cs/taxpolicy/a/taxing_growth_3.htmT Pettinger (n.d.). Advantages of tax cuts. Retrieved 26 February, 2009, from http://www.economicshelp.org/2008/01/advantages-of-tax-cuts.htmlTax policy (2009). Fiscal and tax policy. Retrieved 27 February, 2009, from http://www.ceocouncil.ca/en/fiscal/tax_policy.phpThe purpose of tax ...

Nike: The Sweatshop Debate

...Nike must continue to monitor the companies, governments, and workers with whom they do business to ensure the reputation of the organization is not completely ruined. Facing another major crisis like this could be the end of a profitable organization and could also lead to the loss of several major celebrity sponsors. Always doing the right thing must be in the back of the CEO's of Nike minds to ensure that something like this never happens again. Having standards will only raise the appeal of ...

PEST Analysis for a Company in the Tourism Industry

...3.2 CompetitorsAggressive marketing by low cost airlines and internet bookingagencies present a big challenge for the holiday market. Airlines likeBritish Airways are offering customers to make their own travel plansthrough internet. Travel agents compete in variety of ways i.e. price,quality and the package itself. Companies offer special discountedpackages and also compete on branding. As there are hundreds oftravel agents in the U.K market so, it?s difficult to specify thecompetitors in the m...

Time Value of Money

...The Time Value of Money is an important concept in financial management. Money left on its own is devalued by inflation. Investors, therefore, need to find a way to make their money grow faster than the rate of inflation. One method is through interest paying investments. Compounding interest accelerates return on investments, provided an investor can obtain a fixed rate of interest. Whichever method an investor chooses, understanding the time value of money is crucial to successful investment o...

?The CFO of Flash Memory, Inc.

...In addition, Flash is also considering investing in a major new product line and a valuation analysis is done to determine whether the new product line should be invested or not. According to the various sales and expenses projection, a valuation analysis has shown that the new product line will be valued at a favorable NPV of approximately $2.8 Million using Flash’s weighted cost of capital as the discount rate. As such, in the event that the new product line is invested, additional financing...

Business Environment

...Registering or licensing the business will be easier. But if the regulatory framework is different then Vodafone has to formulate different business strategies for different countries. This will create a chaos for the management team. And the co ordination among different branches of the company will be affected. Plus there will be additional cost for train up the employees for the different frameworks. Employees will have to adjust to the completely new environment; this may make the management...

Capital City Bank Case Analysis

...Shortly thereafter, the Branch Marketing group decided to solicit the same account for the Common Trust Fund of the Trust Division. To attract Oriental to participate in the fund, they offered Oriental a 19% return for a P10 million 60-day placement with the Trust Division. The Finance Manager of Oriental was surprised at the disparity between the bank's lending and deposit rates but decided to take advantage of the Branch Marketing Group's offer by making the P10 million placement with the Trus...

Case study Wilson Lumber Company

...In general profitability ratios are positive, however, could be higher. That might be a signal of cost reduction. On the other hand, the company becomes less liquid and its liquidity ratios keep dropping within all years. Both liquidity rations inform that there is lack of cash in the company. The leverage ratios show that company has increased its long term debt and now company becomes more financed by debt than equity. As the debt grows, the interest rates become larger and thus the interest c...

Debt versus Equity Financing Paper

...Though both of these methods of financing are beneficial for a business to grow and obtain capital it is important to acknowledge which of these forms are most advantageous. In terms of raising mass amounts of money for growth and business operations, it would be most advantageous to utilize equity financing within the business as this provides are way for the business to attain large sums of money by selling shares. It is important to note that keeping account of the number shares is important ...

Graduate unemployment

...In conclusion, if the unemployment issue among graduates is not solved, creation of problems to the unemployed graduates, nations, society and even the country will certainly arise. Furthermore, if the nation’s unemployment continues to be severing, riots and insurgency will be occurring across the country and halting the country trading. A significant lost towards the nation will arise due to this serious problem. Therefore, more on-job training, internships, proper guidance and counselling w...

Deceptive Accounting

...Investors must be prepared for the next bubble with an increase in consciousness with respect to their precious moneys invested for greater earnings. Thus, the book is an essential read for investors who are ready to work for change. Mills advises that the government must be held responsible for punishing corrupt executives of various corporations. Besides, the good work of eliminating fraud must be continued given that democracies also accompany corruption at several levels, mostly having to do...

Globalization in Brazil

...safe-democracy. org/2007/12/27/the-globalization-of-brazil/> Mario, Estanislao Gacitua and Michael Woolcock. “Assessing Social Exlusion and Mobility in Brazil. ” The World Bank. 8 April 2008 <http://siteresources. worldbank. org/INTRANETSOCIALDEVELOPMENT/Resources/A> Rodriguez, Alberto. “Brazil: Seizing the Opportunity to Compete? '' The World Bank. 8 April 2008. Silva, Antonio Elias. Openness and Development: A General Analysis and a Close Look at China, Argentina and Brazil. Ins...

Personal Financial Management

...2. Why should you teach your employees the importance of personal financial management? What are some creative ways of doing this? How employees handle their income reflects their work performance, if someone is having financial issues it will most likely cause them to be stressed at the work place. It is important to teach employees how to handle their finances so the overall performance of the company is not affected. Some ways to do this is by having workshops, company meetings, games, or a c...

First Draft of Fundamentals of Macroeconomics Paper

...On a personal note, I sometimes spend more during tax season because I usually get back a good return because I qualify for various tax breaks. These affect my household because I have more disposable income. Tax decreases can help a business if their taxes are decreased the organization will payout less and have more income. As we compare GDP, nominal GDP, real GDP, unemployment rates, inflation, and interest rates, it is obvious that all of these factors affect us every day. They show how we s...

Working Capital Management

...The level of taxes is one of the important elements, which is also influences working capital requirement of a firm. The amount of taxes to be paid in advances is determined by the prevailing tax regulations. But the firms profit is not constant or can't be predetermined. Tax liability in a sense of short- term liquidity is payable in cash. Therefore the provision for tax amount is one of the important aspects of working capital planning. If tax liability decrease, it needs to decrease the worki...

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