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Finance Essay Examples

Whirlpool Internal and External Analysis

WHO/WHAT IS WHIRLPOOL? There are big time players in every industry that people link with the market. Fast food is McDonalds. Coffee shops Starbucks. Carbonated beverages are Coca-Cola. Who is the comparable brand name in the home appliance field? A betting man would have a safe bet if he wagered that Whirlpool was that company….

Capital Budgeting Case

With an initial investment of $250,000, we could purchase one of two corporations. By analyzing each corporation we can make an educated decision on which corporation holds the highest return. A five year projected income statement, five year projected cash flow, and the NVP and IRR of both corporations have been created to aid in…

Calaveras Vineyards

The purpose of this analysis is to determine if Goldengate Capital should participate in a $4.5 million management acquisition of Calaveras Vineyards. Located in Alameda Valley, California, Calaveras Vineyards sits on 220 acres, consisting of 175 acres of vineyards, and 45 acres of equipment sheds, a winery building, and a small farmhouse with guestrooms, offices,…



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JP Morgan and Bear Stearns

Background In the last three decades, the US banking system has changed its investment procedures and its risk management due to changes in government regulation. Furthermore, external shocks, such as the inflationary period during the 70s and the recession in the 80s, led Banking institutions to alternative ways of investment in order to remain profitable….

Marketing reflective essay

As Jobber(2012) was claiming, the marketing concept is “Achieving corporate goals by meeting and exceeding customer needs, better than the competition”. Marketing is the process of telling a true story in an unforgettable manner. As a consequence, it became an essential tool in the competitive business environment. The main objective is to maximize the company’s…

Metapath Case

Metapath was a hi-tech company providing software products for wireless carriers. It had a revenue of 22 million and was emerging as the premier company in its market space. The ultimate goal of the founder, Hansen, was to see the Metapath go IPO in two years. However, this company confronted two main obstacles for that…

Cooper Industries Corporate Strategy

Q1. What is Cooper’s corporate strategy Cooper Industries’ main corporate strategy is broad diversification through M&A. Cooper Industries acquired firms in order to lessen its dependence on cyclical natural gas industry and to exhibit stable earnings. Cooper Industries acquired firms that had stable earning, a broad customer base and proven manufacturing operations using well-known technologies….

Strategies for Financing Real Estate Development in Ghana

MASTER OF PHILOSOPHY Faculty of Architecture and Building Technology College of Architecture and Planning June 2012 Acknowledgements It has been a long 4 years, but they would have seemed (and almost certainly would have been) considerably longer without the input of various people, who have been instrumental in ensuring the successful completion of the MPhil….

Bureaucracy Essays Examples

Introduction Given the subject matter of this essay revolves around bureaucracy, and given that bureaucracy is concerned with rules and order, it seems fitting to first begin with an official definition of the term; “A system of government in which most of the important decisions are made by state officials rather than by elected representatives;…

Financial Analysis on Retail Industry

This analysis studied financial information of three multinational corporations in the retail industry, Ralph Lauren, American Eagle, and Gap. This examination is predominantly and analysis of Ralph Lauren and American Eagle, and it compares its financials and performance to that of Gap. In order to reach a decision on which firm my company should invest…

Department of Marketing Studies &International Marketing

Here is my report on “Foreign Exchange policy of EXIM BANK Limited : A Critical Evaluation ” submitted to your honor. A methodological research was conducted to prepare the report for fulfillment of the requirement of Internship Program, an integral part to the academic curriculum for MBA. This report has been prepared on the basis…

Comerica Case Study

The purpose of this paper is to recommend Jack to long the Comerica Incorporated (CMA) stock. In this paper we explain how banks operate and present a small back ground on the issue Comerica is facing. Then we more on to financial statements analysis of CMA, which does not present a very strong outlook of…

Stages of Study and Evaluation of Internal Control

The stages/activities involve in studying and evaluating internal control are: A. Obtaining an understanding of the entity’s internal control structure. B. Assessing the preliminary level of control risk. C. Obtaining evidential matter to support the assessed level of control risk. D. Evaluating the results of evidential matter. E. Determining the necessary level of detection risk….

Ethics and Financial Services

Question A1 Outline the frauds identified in the case and explain the inconsistencies with proper accounting treatment. Relate your answer to broad accounting concepts and accounting standards where relevant. (8 marks; approximately 800 words) Answer: Livent Inc. is a theatre production corporation registered in Toronto, Canada. Therefore, all the accounting behaviours were subject to the…

Edward Jones’ original business model

Executive Summary This memorandum addresses some of the key issues with Edward Jones, which includes the lack of an online presence, possible cannibalization from larger firms, and the inability to manage funds from institutional investors. I conclude that the most effective of all of the theorized strategies would be a combination of Edward Jones’ original…


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