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Finance Essay Examples

The major purposes of financial statements

The major purpose of financial statement is to provide an overview of the company’s overall performance of the company’s operations and also assess the company’s worth during the year. Financial statement not only assists the financial managers but also the outsiders like creditors, stockholders etc. After reviewing the financial statements of the company all the…

Impacts of the Current Economic and Financial Crisis on Trade

The current economic and financial crisis is the least the world expects and wishes to happen at this time. Considering the political, social and environmental upheavals happening in almost every continent around the world, people have to face yet another form of crisis that hits them right in the pocket and through their stomachs. Everyone…

Is the Financial Crisis caused by inefficient financial data management or financial models or both?

This question is posed at the conclusion of “As Securities Become More Complex Is Financial Data Management Becoming More Complex?” by Jeffrey Rooney.  This paper discusses OTC derivatives as an example of how the financial crisis escalated and Enterprise Data Management (EDM) as a financial data model that offers a solution to data problems faced…



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Financial Accounting Theory

The article “GM to Take Charge of $20. 8-Billion” here reproduced from The Globe and Mail (February 2, 1993) describes the potential impact of SFAS 106, “Accounting for Postretirement Benefits Other Than Pensions,” on General Motors and Ford. For example, it appears that General Motors will be required to record a liability of $20. 8…


This case involves the dilemma between two mutually exclusive projects that Victoria Chemicals wants to proceed with, but can only choose one earning them 7% increase in polypropylene output per plant. The two proposals will be proposed by the plant managers and evaluated according to corporate criteria. They are to be evaluated on four credentials;…

Learning Team Industry Averages and Financial Ratios

Watch the Industry Averages and Financial Ratios video and use the industry classification from the financial services website to locate the company’s SIC code on the U.S. Department of Labor’s website. Find the industry ratios for the company using the Dun & Bradstreet® Key Business Ratios link in the Week 2 Electronic Reserve Readings. If your…

The Fair Value change with respect to the Financial Crisis

The world has come under the grips of a global financial crisis. Such events with big accounting and financial impacts are few and forlorn but when they do come, they bring with them uncertainty and pessimism as well as the desire to bring about some change so as to curtail such events from taking place…

Finance And Families

The population heterogeneity theory forecasts that, stress resistance is closely attached to mortality. Accordingly, persons in a population who pass away prematurely in life will likely be individuals who are less resistant to environmental stresses. Those persons with a high longetivity are those individuals who are very resistant, and these persons as a grouping might…

Mba Finance Sop

It often happens that the very best of our competencies, strengths and creativities are brought to action when we willingly take on challenges. Right from my childhood, my parents taught me that whenever we face obstacles towards achieving a goal, there only two clear choices (1) to back out of goal-plans and stay in the…

Family Finance

Doing a budget for my family or even for personal use is not a new experience for me. At a very young age, I was taught by my parents how to wisely manage my money so that I would have something to pull out in case I encounter emergency situations. I carried this on until…

Financial Ratio Analysis: Pakistan State Oil

In 2011, company is more liquid than other two years this is due to increase of Rs 983917 in current asset from 2010 to 2011. And in 2011 to 2012 there is decrease of Rs 227300 in current asset. Quick Ratio is high in 2012 because stock-in-trade i.e. inventory decreases by Rs. 6854599 in 2012….

A financial quagmire

The whole world is in a financial quagmire. A myriad of financial woes have engulfed financial institutions and any other corporations in this domain all the world round. This financial meltdown came to the light following the collapse of Lehmann Brothers, after which this financial crunch came to be addressed in the open and by…

International finance manager

Bob Swan is the International Finance Officer to eBay Inc. He is also the senior vice president to the company. He is responsible for eBay’s finance function including controllership, tax, treasury, financial planning and analysis, audit, mergers and acquisitions, and investors relations. He has worked for Electronic Data Systems Corporation (EDS) as an executive vice…

Credit crunch

The credit crunch which is also known as a credit crisis, finance crunch or credit squeeze is best described as a condition that makes investment capital hard or difficult to obtain. It is the sudden reduction in the availability of credit and loans or the abrupt tightening of loan borrowing conditions by financial institutions. Therefore…

International Reporting Financial Standards

International reporting financial standards are the guidelines that are used when preparing financial reports (Rutherford, 31). They are used by the international accounting standards board as an outline when preparing financial statements. These financial standards gives the accountants a guideline when they are preparing financial statements and this ensure that the accountants follow the right…


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