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Finance Essay Examples


1.What is the WACC and why is it important to estimate a firm’s cost of capital? Do you agree with Joanna Cohen’s WACC calculation? Why or why not? Answer: The cost of capital refers to the maximum rate of return a firm must earn on its investment so that the market value of company’s equity… VIEW ESSAY

Vivendi Revitalisation

CYNTHIA A. MONTGOMERY After nearly two decades under the leadership of Guy Dejouany, the November 1995 board meeting of Compagnie Générale des Eaux (CGE) marked not only the end of an era, but the transfer of control to a new captain, Jean-Marie Messier. Besides the obvious difference in age between the 76-year-old Dejouany and the… VIEW ESSAY

Prada Case Analysis

“FINANCE” Course “PRADA: TO IPO OR NOT TO IPO: THAT IS THE QUESTION, AGAIN” case analysis Brief summary of the case with the emphasis on managerial problems that Prada faces. Prada currently requires a significant amount of capital both to re-finance debt that is maturing in the next six to twelve months and to finance… VIEW ESSAY



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Should College Athletes be Paid?

For millions of Americans, college game day is strictly designated for being glued to the television all day, covering themselves head to toe in fan gear, or anxiously waiting for the gates of the stadium to open so they can enter and watch their favorite team be victorious. For the universities, and especially the National… VIEW ESSAY

Accounting Regulation Essay

Over the years there has been a continual debate over the necessity of accounting regulations. Some people have many reasons favouring accounting regulations such as the belief that accounting conventions are needed in order to allocate and control the economic outcomes of resource allocation and information stipulation in the market. However, others have arguments against… VIEW ESSAY

Minicase Prairie Stores

What is the Rate of Return Percentage? In the mini-case, Mr. Breezeway indicated two kinds of percentage to determine the required return. One of them is the companies’ return on book equity (% 15) and the other one is the investment return percentage in the rural supermarket industry (% 11) which shows that investors in… VIEW ESSAY

Swot Analysis of Zara’s

Strengths: Lower quantities i.e. less wastage and less risk. More chance to sell the products at full price due to lower quantities of products. Latest Designs every couple of weeks, more variety to target all customers. Cheaper than other competitors. Shorter lead times to produce or get products in comparison with competitors. Strong market position,… VIEW ESSAY

The Espresso Lane to Global Markets_ Illy’s Case Analysis

Based on the case “ The Espresso Lane to Global Markets”, this memo will look into Illy’s core capabilities and analyze its international strategy in light of CAGE distance, RAT, CAT, and foreign market entry mode. Illy’s core capabilities lie in its Italian-style, focus on design and aesthetics, high quality, espresso culture. The increasing demand… VIEW ESSAY


Arley Merchandise Corporation Objectives and Synopsis Teaching Plan This teaching plan organizes the class as follows: Valuation of the Arley “right” • Why include the ten-year note alternative? • American- vs. European-style exercise? • Similarities to a convertible subordinated debenture • The choice made and the aftermath • Valuation of the Arley “Right” Consider first… VIEW ESSAY

Metapath Case Report

1. PURPOSE The purpose of this briefing note is to provide recommendations for Metapath Software Corp. (“Metapath”) on its financing offers received in September 1997. These two offers came from 1) a fund consortium led by Robertson Stephens Omega Fund (“RSC”) and Technology Crossover Ventures (“TCV”) and 2) CellTech Communications (“CellTech”), a vendor of wireless… VIEW ESSAY

BMW Group

Bayersiche Motoren Werke Group (BMW Group) is a German company whose operations are “focused on the premium segments of the international automobile markets (BMW Group)”. BMW Group was founded in 1916 and established its main plant and headquarters in Munich, Germany just after World War I in 1922. Those facilities exist as BMW’s headquarters and… VIEW ESSAY

Radio One Case

This case involves whether Radio One should purchase the 21 radio stations from Clear Channel, Davis and IBL LLC and the impact of the acquisition to the investors and on the market. Examining the stations it fits with Radio One’s Corporate Strategy and they have the ability to bid first on a group of stations… VIEW ESSAY

Obamacare Cons

Even though ObamaCare does a lot right, it does have some consequences for specific groups of Americans. ObamaCare does hurt a small percentage of small businesses, has had a negative effect on insurance premiums and has made some reforms that have hurt some medical industries and their workers. Here are some of the cons of… VIEW ESSAY

Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants

The code provides a conceptual framework approach to the application of the fundamental principles of professional conduct: 1. integrity Honest and trust. Accountants must not be associated with outputs that: contain materially false or misleading statements contain info furnished recklessly omit or obscure information where such would be misleading 2. objectivity Must be impartial, honest… VIEW ESSAY

Metro Manila University Case Analysis

CENTRAL PROBELEM How can Mr Aragon make the cashier come to terms to an agreement of efficiently holding the ₱50 Million of cash? OBJECTIVES 1. To have a good relationship between Mr Aragon and the cashier 2. To prove Mr Aragon’s authority to his subordinates 3. To reach to an agreement with the cashier regarding… VIEW ESSAY

Insurance History

Some 2,000 years ago in Roman times a form of life insurance was practiced by burial societies who paid out funeral costs of members funded by monthly contributions. It is thought that these were year to year arrangements but unfortunately there is not enough evidence remaining to be exact on how they operated. In Britain… VIEW ESSAY

Cash and Working Capital

1. What are four general phases of the working capital cycle? Four general phases of working cycle are: a. Purchasing of resources: relates to the acquisition of supplies and labor, such as the level of inventory necessary to maintain realistic production schedules and the staff required to ensure adequate provision of services. b. Production/sale of… VIEW ESSAY

Exercises and Problems

Trudy Company incurred the following costs. 1. Sales tax on factory machinery purchased $ 5,000 2. Painting of and lettering on truck immediately upon purchase 700 3. Installation and testing of factory machinery 2,000 4. Real estate broker’s commission on land purchased 3,500 5. Insurance premium paid for first year’s insurance on new truck 880… VIEW ESSAY


Justin Kealey, CPA, is auditing Tustin Companies, Inc. Kealey has accumulated known and likely misstatements for the current year to evaluate whether there is a sufficiently low risk of material misstatement of the financial statements to issue an opinion. However, Kealey notes that there are several misstatements that have been carried over from prior years…. VIEW ESSAY


Q 1, How well is “Jones Electrical Distribution” performing? What must Jones do well to succeed? First Quarter 2004 2005 2006 2007 Sales increase 18% 17% ROE 7.6% 13.6% 12.3% 2.0% Sustainable growth rate 7.6% 13.6% 12.3% 2.0% Profit Margin 0.9% 1.5% 1.34% 0.8% Assets turnover 2.76 2.88 2.86 0.70 financial leverage 3.20 3.12 3.23… VIEW ESSAY

Education Policy In Bangladesh

Introduction “Insurance is a way of protecting against these financial losses”. “General insurance or non-life insurance policies, including automobile and homeowners Policies provide payments depending on the loss from a particular financial event”. Anyone who owns an asset can buy insurance to protect it against losses due to fire or theft And so on. Each… VIEW ESSAY

Financial Aid Is An Important For College students

As we know College costs are rising. But, Future students should not be afraid because there is more financial aid available such as scholarships, grants, work-study programs, and college loans for students. Financial aid is money in the form of loans, grants and employment that is available to a student to help pay the cost… VIEW ESSAY

Kelly Services

Kelly Services Inc This case is really focusing on the issue of a company that needs to consider taking on debt. Kelly Services Inc. is going through a period were they are going through some major expansion. With major expansion needs the urge to find investors. When you find investors you need to take on… VIEW ESSAY

Study Notes – Balance management

Customer Flow: Taco Bell serves on average 1,500 customers per day (15 hours). On average there are 75 customers in the restaurant (waiting to place the order, waiting for the order to arrive, eating, etc.). How long does an average customer spend at Taco Bell and what is the average customer turnover? R=1,500 customers/day I=75… VIEW ESSAY

Flat Cargo Berhad

Air Cargo Industry is a highly competitive with low profit margin industry operated by 85 operators within Malaysia and the Asia Pacific region. Flat Cargo Berhad (FCB) was one of them with several subsidiaries related to this industry. FCB was recognized as one of the biggest air freight companies in Malaysia. With the flourishing of… VIEW ESSAY

Alliance Bank

1. Introduction Alliance Bank is one of the leading banks in Kazakhstan, and it is the tenth largest bank in terms of assets in Kazakhstan. Headquartered of the bank are located in Almaty. Bank is developing as a universal financial institution in all lines of business, with a primary focus on retail banking and lending… VIEW ESSAY


In any comprehensive work, like this, credit must go to the multitude of people. I am still students and just novice. Hence, I have taken help from different people for preparing my report. Now here is a petite effort to show my deep graduate to those helpful people. First, I commit my selves grateful to… VIEW ESSAY

The US Airline Industry

1. Assess the overall financial performance of the US airline industry during the past 20 years. The financial performance of the US airline industry has been somewhat of a roller-coaster, the industry has seen its structure change more than once. It being regulated and deregulated over the years. Many investors would agree that putting one´s… VIEW ESSAY

Accounting Project

Foundations of Accounting I Accounting Project Written by: Karen Pitsch Special thanks to Donna Larner Randiddle Co. is a merchandising business. Their account balances as of November 30, 2012 (unless otherwise indicated), are as follows: 110Cash$ 74,370 112Accounts Receivable 6,178 113Allowance for Doubtful Accounts 650 115Merchandise Inventory 2,346 116Prepaid Insurance 5,750 117Store Supplies 2,850 123Store… VIEW ESSAY

Capital Budgeting

Introduction The purpose of this paper is to analyze and interpret the answers of the Capital Budgeting Case. I will discuss my recommendation about which Corporation and investor should acquire based on the quantitative reasoning. I also will describe the relationship between the net present value and the internal rate of return for the two… VIEW ESSAY


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