Final Strategic Planning Essay

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Final Strategic Planning

In any business, there are strategies in place to make sure the business is a success. This is how Healthy Happy BOW WOW plans to run and execute plans for success. This company is in the process of creating a product unlike any other on the market. Our objective is to do as much research as needed to create this product for dogs so that they can live healthier, happier lives. To do this, the company has made sure to begin with hiring the best possible people to do the jobs required at Happy Healthy BOW WOW.

This means scientists, researchers, properly trained maintenance and clean-up crew, analysts, and people just to run day-to-day operations. The company will also hire a marketing team when it is getting ready to launch to make sure the product team markets it properly before final launch to get the information to the public. In the meantime, one strategy the company plans to use is the media. The company will give tours of the facility safely and show the research being performed and how clean and state of the art the facility is.

All of this is free advertising that the company needs because of such a high cost of the research and facility. Another strategy the company plans to use and is in the process of doing is reaching out to get research money from the government and other entities to help fund the project. The company is receiving government funds shortly and plans on putting them directly into research as directed in the grant. The company is also working closely with other agencies for non-profit such as the ASPCA to raise funds for further research.

In turn, the company will be donating many products for the ASPCA to use on animals they rescue. The company also wants to donate and pair with local and eventually nationwide animal shelters to help animals in need because this is the company’s top priority. To help make dogs healthy, and a healthy well taken care of dog is a happy dog. This is also a way to use the media because if the company receives a lot of camera time of all the good work it is doing to help animals it will help boost sales. In addition, this will get the product out to other main companies such a Purina, Iams, and PetCo.

These are all great companies with good reputations that Happy Healthy BOW WOW plans to team with in the future. If the company receives donations from some of these types of companies with a plan to integrate it will make the company very sound to the public very quickly. This is because they are companies that people in the community trust and respect. Another strategic sound plan for gaining more access to funds for research is to begin to develop and take the product a step further. Happy Healthy BOW WOW wants to start by making the product for all types of pets not just dogs.

It will branch off and form two different subsidiaries. One will be for research for other small animals such as cats, birds, rabbits, etc. The other has plans to be a research facility for a larger base of customers such as commercial farmers. This will take the company to a completely new level. This is not something that is going to happen immediately, but is in the strategic planning stage for the future for the company to grow and expand and to continue to receive more funding for the government and other agencies.

To make sure the company is getting the word out to the public in the right way it will involve a few tactics. It will get with some of these companies and have survey made that people will receive with a product from one of the companies. This will have an incentive such as getting a coupon off the next product for filling out the survey. The company will handle this process to keep the price of this promotion a little lower that if another company was to handle it. The company also has representative that will go around to different places and talk to vendors and the people that are going to be purchasing the product.

The company wants to everyone to get to know the faces in front and behind the scenes at Healthy Happy BOW WOW because customer service is a top priority at the company. This is another way that they use the media as a tactic to get people to know and have understandable knowledge of the company’s mission and values. The company can do this by bringing the media behind the scenes and its front of the house people to the public. As far as safety, legal, and ethical values are concerned within the company the CEO takes very seriously.

There are serious background checks and screening done on employees and not just when hired but periodically throughout employment along with drug screenings. The CEO also makes sure inspections are thorough and often. The company has its own team to do inspections and an outside team to come in and do inspections as well. The company has not failed a single government inspection due to this process. If the company fails these regulated inspections by the government it will shut the company down.

This why the company follows all regulations of the law presently and will always follow them in the future. There is too much at stake and money spent to take that risk. Happy Healthy BOW WOW wants to be in touch with its customers on a constant basis. The company will hold events and always have information on hand for anyone with comments, suggestions, and questions. They will have a website where all dog lovers can get together and chat and it will be free of charge. It will have broadcasts of upcoming events on-line and through the media.

The company will do anything and everything in its power to reach out to its loyal customer to prove and show what the company is about and that is happy healthy customers and the people they belong too. End of Summary In the world today, many people have dogs and love them as if the dog is so much a part of their lives as not just a companion but also much more than that. People of all types endure their dogs as a part of their family. This may mean a single person having a dog or a family that considers that dog as a part of the family and cannot think of life without the dog they love and cherish.

This why it is so important to take care of that loved animal and make sure that the pet is in top physical shape and lives a happy long life. This is not always easy because of so many health issues that may arise. There are many shots and vaccinations that scientists develop to prevent disease and problems such as Rabies, Mange, Parvo, Worms, and many more. There are so many now it is hard to keep track. This is where Healthy Happy BOW-WOW comes to the rescue. It is a new innovative idea that tracks the health of a dog by using a dog toy to check the saliva of a dog for health conditions.

This is a business creating a product that helps determine the health of a dog. How it works is to use dog toys to track whether or not a dog is healthy. This happens by using a safe non-toxic serum that detects different chemical reactions to relate whether or not the dog has a healthy immune system or if something is wrong. This not an exact science and Healthy Happy BOW WOW is doing research to determine the best possible way to implement this program and as safely as possible. Most dogs love to play with some type of toy, whether it is a stuffed animal or a ball, so it is easy for owners to use this product.

A person has the ability of using this product as much as the same as people use toys to make a dog have fun and the freedom they enjoy. This product is in process and needs more research to make sure it is safe and effective for dogs of all types and sizes. It is the same rationale as liquid flea medication that scientists use to determine the amount for which is safe for animals the weigh differently than others. A dog weighing 90 pounds does not take the same medication for fleas, as a 20-pound dog needs to have. This is why the company has a research team to ensure the right dosage for a person’s pet.

Every person that has a dog has the ability to ensure a longer life for his or her cherished pet by using this product. This means any person that has a dog that they love is a potential customer. Another way this product is helpful for canines and potential customers is that if a shelter uses this product to show a potential person wanting to adopt a dog is how it works for their future pet. That person has the reassurance the pet is healthy and has the opportunity to make sure they can sustain the health of their future pet by using this product.

Many people are afraid of stray dogs because they are not sure of what infections the dog may carry. This product creates a way of standard of adopting animals that may cut down of the fear of adoption. This is just one of the ways that the company plans to create a product to satisfy the company’s customers, which the company believes, are the dog and the pet owner. The company is creating this product just as much for the pet in a person’s life as the person themselves as customers.

The responsibility of making sure dogs and all pets are in good health and happy relies on the ethical and social responsibility of people. Companies such as Pet-Co are a prime example of what Healthier Happy BOW BOW wants the company’s standards to be. According to “Ethisphere Institute Honors Ethical Behavior Of Petco, Other Companies” (2013), “Petco has been named one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies for 2013 and was the only pet-related company to make the list, the Ethisphere Institute reported today. ” This is what this company wants its standards to be in the near future.

Everyone plays a role in the care of animals and this is the goal of this company to make it happen. The company wants everyone to play a part in making sure pets have a good home and a healthy and happy long life. This is what it means to be socially and ethically responsible in every community no matter where. That is why the company wants to integrate the community with the product to create awareness. Stray animals are on the streets every day and are hungry and sick because of malnourishment. This not the animals fault.

People make decisions for themselves, but animals do not have that opportunity and it is disturbing that so many animals go hungry and people abused because of the choices that people make. This company has plans that have the opportunity for people to step up and stop this from happening and this is the vision and future of this company. Many people do not realize or turn the other cheek when it comes to animals in need because of their busy lives. It is no okay for this to happen, which is why this company plans to use profits to teach people about what is happening in the world today in the hands of people in regards to animal abuse.

Customer’s needs are important to Healthy Happy BOW WOW and this is why it caters to anyone and everyone that shows an interest in adopting a pet or currently has one they love. The reason why the company has advantage considering customer’s needs and competitive advantage is because like Pet Co this company wants to ensure pets are taken care of in the way that the people the dogs are paired with love being a part of each other’s lives and making a standard of living for the pet.

Most companies try, and have commercials promoting dedication to animals but few actually do anything about what is happening to pets that are not paying customers. These companies only strive to pay an amount to a charity of its choice to show on television that the company is trying. If certain companies such as Purina wanted to make a huge difference in helping the Humane Societies across the United States, it would with all the massive money it makes. This is why Healthy Happy BOW WOW will stand against the competition to show the responsibility it wants to ensure the safety of pets and their health.

This is what Healthy Happy BOW WOW is about and nothing less. This company has many advantages such as it is a new and innovative product with lots of room for advancement. It is something every pet love would want for their pet so it is easily marketable. There are disadvantages also. Since it is such a great product, there are worries of another company stealing the idea and creating a generic version. The company has many opportunities for advancement and plans to move forward with the product.

It wants to take the product to the next level by developing the product for more than just dogs. The company wants to make the product for all pets and possibly go commercial and create a version for livestock as well. The problem with this is the cost. Research is very costly so Health Happy BOW WOW has to make sure, market the product well to people, and communicate the importance of the product to the people who will be buying it. This is why the company plans to use the media as a main source of marketing.

The company will give tours of the facilities safely to the media so that they can convey to the people a lot of information about the product and its safety. This is a way to have free advertising and a way to reach a very large audience in a short amount of time. The company will also use a marketing team and advertise on-line and through television ads and billboards. The company wants to make sure the public knows that the product is undergoing extensive research to make sure it is the safest and most quality item for their pet.

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