Final Review Essay

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Final Review

1. What can you detect by analyzing a data packet?

2. What kind of data does NetWitness Investigator inspect?

3. What is used by TCP to establish a session between two systems? 69, 121

4. Name a connection-oriented protocol that operates at the transport layer of the OSI model and supports reliable connections?65, 69

5. Promiscuous mode is most commonly associated with which physical device on a computer?

6. True or false, privacy is a primary objective of information security. 6

7. Personnel should be authenticated and authorized prior to being granted access to company’s information resources. This statement is an example of what? 9

8. Which security group is responsible for managing network vulnerabilities and threats? 12

9. Which network component filters traffic between nodes? 44

10. Which is the most important consideration when designing a network? 10

11. What is usually the first activity in the hacking process? 119

12. What services might a hacker offer as a service? 113

13. Which IT domains is most vulnerable to social engineering? 115

14. What type of attack can result in arbitrary code execution with system-level privileges? 134

15. Name 3 social engineering techniques. 129, 144, 145

16. Which domain marks the boundary where the private network meets the public network? 152

17. A port scanner is a type of vulnerability assessment scanner. (T/F)

18. What data is covered by a data loss/data leak prevention tool? 22, 15

19. What is the purpose of network analysis? Chapter 1

20. Where do you capture network data to analyze inbound/outbound network traffic? Chapter 1

21. What can you accomplish by filtering network packets?69

22. What kinds of data is addressed by stateful firewalls? 69, 70, 73

23. What does an application-level proxy do? 70, 71

24. Which is a problem for static filtering? 69

25. What type of firewall keeps track of state tables to sieve network traffic? 60, 69

26. Where should firewall rules that explicitly deny traffic be placed? 213

27. What is the most important practice associated with firewall logging? 227, 228

28. Which firewall limitation is typically characterized by a memory-based exploit? 234

29. Firewall enhancements are desirable in all situations and should be
deployed at any cost. (t/f) 239, 240

30. Which characteristics are included in a reverse proxy? 141, 261, 262

31. What is a benefit of using VPNs? 85

32. Which aspect of the VPN prevents others from eavesdropping and observation? 81

33. What is an advantage of VPN tunnel mode? 94

34. What characteristics of a software VPN makes it less advantageous than a hardware VPN? Ch. 12

35. To develop an AUP, you need to __________. 151, 198

36. Uninstalling all unnecessary applications and services on a system is an example of what? 166

37. is an example of which of the following? 152

38. Encryption is primarily concerned with which of the C,I,A principals? 21, 171, 172

39. Logging what time a user accessed a particular resource is an example of what? 171

40. Using a fingerprint to unlock a workstation is an example of what? 169, 170

41. What is the primary purpose of log monitoring? 229, 230, ch 9

42. Building your own firewall can result in what? Ch 9

43. When planning a firewall implementation, what is the key consideration?
Ch 2, ch 5

44. When dealing with a firewall emergency, what should you do? Ch 9

45. A VPN has software installed on the host and gateway. (t/f) ch 14

46. What must an administrator organize to ensure follow-through of a new security plan? 196, 198

47. What are the steps is included in a security assessment? 205

48. Name 3 valid network monitoring tool?

49. What is a valid incident response strategy phase? 191

50. Name 3 security management best practices? 182 – 189

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