Final Project, Healthy Eating, Nutrition, and Exercise Plan Essay

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Final Project, Healthy Eating, Nutrition, and Exercise Plan

In my first report I indicated my age 42 years old, my weight was 165 pounds and height 5’6”. My daily exercise was riding bike between 6 to 8 miles a day for 3 days during the week for a total of 350 minutes of Physical Activity. Week one 3 day analysis for breakfast I had a cup of coffee with flavored cream with sandwich or cereals, for lunch I had sandwich or reheated food from previous day, snack I had wheat cake, fruits or chips and for dinner; Latin food, hamburger or pasta, don’t drink soft drinks, but drink Lipton Iced Tea and water. (Matta) (2012).

Based on the first report I was over in grains on vegetables, fruits, dairy, protein foods, oils I was under; empty calories I was under with 280 calories, total calories average was 1785 status and sodium was high on all 3 days. (SuperTracker) (n. d. ). After the first report I tried to modified some eating habits measuring the amount of food; cereal, pasta, rice and beans in cups, steaks and fish cut in 4 ounces, drink more water and less alcoholic drinks and increase my daily exercise adding two days of walking 3 miles per day increasing my weekly Physical Activity to 630 minutes. Matta) (2013).

The latest report from January 2nd through January 4th, all the food groups where under my empty calories was lower then the first one at 208 and my average total calories was lower at 1292 average per day but my sodium limit is still high. The result of this modification is my current weight at 155 pounds and drop from a 36″ waist size to a 34″. Based on Food Tracker my daily calorie limit allowance is 2400 and at least 150 minutes per week of physical activity. I am under the allowance of calories and over my physical activity per week. (SuperTracker) (n. d. ).

Final Project, Healthy Eating, Nutrition, and Exercise Plan After reviewing both analysis I have realized that my challenge is sodium, I don’t use salt but some of the food I consume are high on sodium. Colorado State University indicates that sodium is found in most process foods to preserve or flavor them; sodium has an important role maintaining water balance within the cells and in the function of both impulses and muscle but consuming excess sodium may lead to edema or water retention, high blood pressure and in Women may be at higher risk for developing osteoporosis even if calcium intake is adequate. Colorado State University) (n. d. ).

In my family our medical history is high blood pressure my Mother, Brother and I have this condition. The American Heart Association indicates that high blood pressure can be inherited by one of both parents if they have a history of the condition, advance age can develop a higher risk, gender related risk pattern, lack of physical activity, overweight, obesity, drinking to much alcohol and Poor diet, especially one that includes too much salt other possible factors could be stress, smoking, second hand smoke and sleep apnea. (American Heart Association) (2012).

The effects of having high blood pressure are, a stroke it can cause a break or weakened blood vessel which the brain can bleed, it is a major factor in heart attacks the arteries brings oxygen-carrying blood to the heart muscle if the heart doesn’t receive the proper oxygen, blood flow is blocked a heart attach can occur, Kidney damage in over time the high blood pressure can narrow or thicken the blood vessels of the Kidney this we result in filtering less fluids and waste build up in the blood the result can be dialysis or kidney transplant and Arteries, the arteries in the brain, heart and kidney hardens making all three to work harder. National Heart Lung and Blood Institute) (n. d. ). Final Project, Healthy Eating, Nutrition, and Exercise Plan I believe I have a good diet consuming my total calories for day, the amount of food and exercise but as mentioned before sodium is my challenge.

My action plan will be related with sodium and how to keep high blood pressure under control, the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute give me some tips on how to reduce sodium in my diet, buy fresh, plain frozen, or canned vegetable with no salt added, use fresh poultry, fish, and lean meat rather then canned or process types, use herbs, spices and salt-free seasoning blends in cooking, cut back in salad dressing, rinse can food such as tuna to remove sodium and choose ready to eat breakfast cereals lower in sodium. National Heart Lung and Blood Institute) (n. d. ).

With these tips my action planned is to buy less process foods, use more white meat instead of red and consume it in small amounts, utilize less dressing or replace it with olive oil and balsamic vinegar in small amounts and consumed more salt free products for exercise my plan will be the same as I have in present time, I will ride my bike 3 days a week between 6 to 8 miles and walk 2 days a week 3 miles per day this plan will keep my body active and healthy. Matta) (2013), All action plans have their share of setbacks some of the anticipated setbacks for both food and exercise; for food is the amount of time that I have to go to the grocery store and buy the products mentioned above, I have a very active lifestyle family, work, study, and exercise; time is very limited, this is why we go to a restaurant, buy process food or can food without reading the labels a plan that I will implement with my wife is to go the first day of the month and go to the grocery store and supply our self with the necessary healthy food for the entire month and go once a week to replenish anything that we need; for exercise my setback is more the ability to keep motivated and time to overcome this my plan is to keep my picture of my Final Project, Healthy Eating, Nutrition, and Exercise Plan Daughter and I in the door fridge when I was overweight, this picture is why I decided to do exercise, loose weight and keep it off. (Matta) (2013).

One tool I learned from our class is Super Tracker since I learned about this site I have use it since and I will keep using it until I have to register again, Super Tracker gives me suggestion and measure the outcome of my action plan plus doing my yearly checkup with the Doctor for my high blood pressure and health. If I keep my action plan in tact the result will be a positive one healthy body and mind but If don’t follow my action plan the health risk factor will be a negative one I can gain weight and high blood pressure which can create a stroke or heart attack or even worst death. (Matta) (2013). Colorado State University indicates as we age it is important to eat more calcium, iron protein Vitamins A, C and flacon; reduce calories selected nutrient-dense foods and enjoy smaller portions of foods high in fat, sugar and sodium. (Colorado State University) (n. d. ).

As I age I will follow my doctors instruction and educate myself and adjust based on the information provided eat smaller portion, use Vitamins and reduce any sugar and sodium from my diet, in regard of my exercise as I age my body will have less motion I will walk more a bike ride less, in Florida the 4 seasons are basically the same good weather but in summer the heat is overwhelming and it rains constantly this could alter my physical activity the option is to go to a gym or my YMCA to exercise indoors. (Matta) (2013). Conclusion our body is a perfect machine created to live, serve and reproduce in our world, we are responsible in taking care of it. We should always try our best to eat healthy and keep it fit so we can live a long, healthy and happy life.

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