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Filmmaking Essay Examples

Essay on Filmmaking

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All About Eve

Ultimately, the film ‘All about Eve’ is marked by a polarizing gender ideology, used to promote marriage as a romantic ideal and women. Through the roles of Karen, Margo and Eve, the film highlights that married women find happiness from serving their husband, the inevitable emotional emptiness that women will experience e if they reject their domestic roles in their pursuit of a career, and h...

Informative speech outline


Jackie Chan

Jackie became famous when “Snake in the Eagle's Shadow“ went a different way than other kung fu movies at that time by mixing a big amount of humour to the plot. His opponent Hwang Jang Lee was a tremendous kicker ... as Jackie found out when he kicked out one of his teeth (accidentally) while they were making this film. Also while he was shooting a fight scene, his arm was accidentally slashe...

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Analytical Paper The Departed

In the concluding scenes after the films climax which included the deaths of Costello, Costigan, and Queenan Sullivan enters his apartment to find Detective Dignam waiting to assassinate him. As Sullivan falls to the apartment floor the ever-present symbolism of the State Building is shown again. While Sullivan’s life ended in a tragic manner it is evident through the symbolism that he desired a...

The Corpse Bride Animated Movie Analysis

A good example is when Emily was playing the piano but her hand broke off and it continued to make the sounds of the keys with every little beat of the hand. Working this Final Cut I know how many options their are to decide between. They choose the right ones at the right time. They worked out every little detail, which Im sure took a while. Only doing a minute project took a few days, I could on...

Maya Lin: Strong Clear Vision

In the film, she is portrayed as a humane artist, creating humane spaces for both the living and the dead. I am a veteran of two wars. I have served my country in both Afghanistan as well as Iraq. Of course, I have very personal ties to the feelings of misunderstanding and non-appreciation. Most veterans don’t ask for notoriety, a parade, or even a statue. What we do ask for is that our brothers...

Howl's Moving Castle Film Techniques

The last example is when Sophie and Howl go to the new portal to the flower fields it is a long shot to show the good and beautiful view. Secondly there is a great variety of audio techniques. There is hissing and creaking sound effects when the moving castle walks by in the beginning of the movie which is a digetic sound effect. The pleonastic music at the beginning when the clouds cover the cast...

An Analysis on Alfred Hitchcock and His Film Psycho

Martin, G. , & Wikstrom, P. (2001). Alfred Hitchcock and the Golden Days of Radio. In The Alfred Hitchcock Presents Companion (1st ed. , pp. 20-23): O T R Pub. Nickens, C. (1995).Psycho: Behind the Scenes of the Classic Thriller (1st ed. ): Harmony. Ray, R. B. (2001). The Bordwell Regime and the Stakes of Knowledge. In How a Film Theory Got Lost and Other Mysteries in Cultural Studies (pp. 38-...

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