Film Essay Topics

The Wizard of Oz Film Review

Hailed as perhaps one of the most influential movies of the present time, the film The Wizard of Oz has continued to mesmerize adults and children alike for many years.  Based on the 1900s novel entitled The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, the movie adaptation starring Judy Garland as Dorothy captured the… View Article

Movie Review: The White Balloon

Jafar Panahi’s movie entitled “The White Balloon” is a depiction of social reality in these present times within the eyes of a young girl protagonist. The conflict of the story is simple as well as the resolution and its setting. The main problem of the protagonist is her likeness to buy a fish but she… View Article

Full Metal Jacket (1987)

The Film: Pro-War or Anti-War? A question as to the war sentiments of this film can be most accurately answered through an analysis of Private Joker.  As his nickname suggests, the young marine is glib; using his sharp wit, average John Wayne interpretations, sense of irony and his readily apparent above-average intelligence to keep himself… View Article

Jenny: A Character Analysis

INTRODUCTION This paper is a two-part personality analysis of Jenny’s character in the movie Forrest Gump. Jenny is the lead character’s childhood friend who, as a child, is sexually and physically abused by her own father and, as a young adult, gets into drug addiction and attempts suicide, and eventually succumbs to an early death,… View Article

“The Third Man” by Graham Greene and Carol Reed

The Third Man is a timeless masterpiece that acutely exemplifies a brilliant and exceptional execution of the film noir genre. Shadows play a significant aspect in the film. The use of chiaroscuro, a juxtaposition of light and dark, to covey certain moods and atmospheres is very effective. This, as well as the use of angled… View Article

Thesis Statement

This essay is based on three films. One, “ All that heaven allows”, which was directed by Douglas Sirk and made in 1955 in the USA. The Second is an animation film “ Neighbours”, directed by Norman Mclauren and made in Canada in 1952 and the third is “ Bicycle thieves”, directed by Victorio De… View Article

Mikhalkov’s Burnt by the Sun

In the tradition of passions plays of a century ago that illustrated the age-old inequalities of unchallenged intrinsic power wielded by a single entity. This is the story of absolute authority and how well earned past loyalties have elapsed and betrayed by fear and replaced with paranoia.  Burnt by the Sun, a 1994 film by… View Article

Film Analysis: The Bird Cage

In the year 1996, Mike Nichols decided to produce and direct the film version of the highly successful 1978 stage play La Cage Aux Follies. Geared towards the western tastes of the American audience, he called the movie The Bird Cage and presented the public with a hilarious yet informative movie about a gay man… View Article

Slumdog Millionaire

The issue we have decided to discuss is centred around the two children Rubina Ali and Azharuddin Ismail who star in a leading role in the film Slumdog Millionaire. The film grossed $141,000,000 in the US alone and had a budget of $15 million but the two children only received £500 ($700 American Dollars) and… View Article

The Dark Knight of a Postmodern World

“The Dark Knight” is a film based on DC comic book character Batman and his fight to protect his home, Gotham City, from the antagonist, the Joker. Director Chris Nolan provides the viewer with not only an action film, but also a thought-provoking masterpiece. The film focuses on the thin line between sanity (Batman) and… View Article

Tickets Movie Analysis

Starring: Blerta Cahani, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Silvana De Santis Sanije, Dedja Martin Compston, Gary Maitland, Carlo Delle Piane, Filippo Trojano, William Ruane Written by: Abbas Kiarostami, Ermanno Olmi, Paul Laverty Directed by:  Ken Loach, Ermanno Olmi, Abbas Kiarostami MPAA Rating: Unrated Language: English, Albanian, Italian, with English subtitles Running Time: 115 minutes Date: October 24,… View Article

Three Kings (1999) Dir. by D.O. Russell

“Three Kings” is based on the events of the Gulf war and portrays Iraqi rebellions against Saddam Hussein. The movie describes adventures of fours soldiers who steal a gold bullion. This work belongs to war adventure movies and anti-war films. Disillusioned by war casualties and cruelty they saw during Desert Storm Operation, the soldiers kill… View Article

To See and Not See

Have you ever been blind and then regained your sight even for a little while? Here’s another interesting question. If you have been blind and regained your sight for just a little while then, how would you think and how would you feel? It is imaginable that you might experience happiness and excitement at being… View Article

Remember the Titans Review

The movie Remember the Titans is one of the most inspiring sports movies in recent memory.. This is due to the performances of Denzel Washington as well as others in the cast but  its success can also can be attributed to the fact that the story was based on real life events. As is the… View Article

Titanic and Sociology

There are many things that divide the human race—it may be the factor of color, of nationality, of language and of culture. Yet, there are also instances in which the economic standing of people dictates the kinds of life that people live. One may be born to a 19th century aristocratic family and that would… View Article