Film Essay Topics

Black Swan: A Film Review

Everyone has heard of ballet, some perhaps just that, while others practice it or just enjoy watching it on stage. Most people have also heard of Swan Lake, maybe even saw it performed in one or another adaptation, as there are many. Then there is Black Swan directed by Darren Aronofski, which leaves most other… View Article

The Cocaine Cowboys

Before the seventies Miami, Florida was the hotspot for drug smugglers to smuggle marijuana into America because South Beach was virtually unwatched land for miles. Cocaine eventually rose to become the drug of choice for people in Miami and was more expensive then weed, causing it to replace marijuana imports with more profitable cocaine imports…. View Article

The Wrestler Analysis

1. Darren Aronofsky’s The Wrestler (2008) is a film that forces the viewers to ask questions rather than find answers. It is a film that explores the world of the working class as well as the performers with demanding jobs. In the film Mickey Rourke portrays a washed up wrestler Robin Ramzinski, however he is… View Article

Inception Film Analysis

Inception came out to theaters last 2010. It is an action, adventure and sci-fi film starring Leonardo DiCaprio (Cobb), Joseph Gordon Levitt (Arthur) and Ellen Page (Ariadne). The movie revolves around Cobb, whose job is to steal information from the minds of people through their dreams. He was given the task to perform the reverse… View Article

The Relationship between Mrs. Lyons and Mrs. Johnston

Ok well, Mrs Lyons employs Mrs Johnston to work for her. Mrs Lyons can’t have children, but Mrs Johnston (Known as the mother) has too many. When Mrs J finds out she is going to have twins she is upset as she can’t afford them. Mrs Lyons persuades Mrs J to let her adopt one… View Article

Youtube Case Study

Question 1: There are several competitive forces challenging the movie industry. Film corporations are currently facing the challenges of websites offering free downloadable movie torrents along with DVD readers on computers, portable video devices, and the start up of the website YouTube in February 2005. Free online film downloads are four times more popular than… View Article

Fight Club

The 1999 film, Fight Club, is controversial in the sense that it can be interpreted at a superfluity of angles. However, the effectiveness of the final scene to reflect the narrator’s catharsis is indisputable as it is accompanied by the song “Where is My Mind” by The Pixies. The song itself is vital to the… View Article

Merchant of Venice Essay Outline

I. INTRODUCTION: A. Is Shylock a man “more sinned against than sinning,” or does he take his revenge too far in the pursuit of his pound of flesh? B. The wrongs against Shylock climax in the courtroom scene. He has lost his ducats, daughter, and now his religion. C. Thesis: The absolute epitome of selfishness… View Article

Freedom Writers

In Long Beach, California, a war is raging. You can’t always see it, but its soldiers know it’s there. You need to go and watch “Freedom Writers” right this instant. In this heartwarming movie, Hillary Swank plays quirky school teacher Erin Gruwell who, alongside her unsupportive husband (played by Patrick Dempsey) attempts to make history… View Article

Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark

I have chosen to evaluate a scene from Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark where Indiana and Sallah uncover the Well of Soles where the lost ark is hidden. We open the scene at 57:03 with Indiana leading a team of diggers up a hill to the spot where they will dig for the… View Article

American Beauty: Interpersonal Conflict in Film

In any type of relationship there is conflict. It is inevitable really as the needs of more than one person must be met to have a copacetic or symbiotic relationship. Whether the interpersonal conflict is constructive or destructive, the key to its resolution is in how the conflict is managed and the amelioration each party… View Article

A Long Way Gone vs Blood Diamond

A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier and the recent 2006 film Blood Diamond both depict how it was living in Sierra Leone, Africa during the Civil War in the ‘90’s. While A Long Way Gone focuses on child soldiers and what they had to live and go through for many years, Blood… View Article

The Bicycle Thief

The Bicycle Thief is probably the best known and most highly praised of all the Italian Neorealist films of its era. The films of the Neorealist movement were characterized by several primary ideas. Instead of featuring stories focusing on glitz and glamour, Neorealist films focused on the poor and the working class. Instead of building… View Article

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie is a poor boy who lives with his parents and grandparents on both sides. There was a famous gigantic chocolate factory, ran by a man named Willy Wonka. The factory had closed its’ gate for more than fifteen years, no one had ever got in and the workers had never came out. But children… View Article

Representations of China in the Movie the Forbidden Kingdom

The Forbidden Kingdom (Rob Minkoff, 2008)[1] is an American martial arts adventure film co-starred by Jackie Chan and Jet Li. The film tells the story of a Boston boy Jason, who is a big kung fu fan, is given the mission, as a traveler, of returning the staff to the Monkey King so as to… View Article


The film Mulan is set in ancient China, in an undefined dynasty. The Huns have penetrated the Great Wall and have invaded China. The emperor orders that new soldiers be drafted. Mulan, a girl who recently humiliated her family by failing the Matchmaker’s assessment, in order to save her aging father from death at war,… View Article

The Back-Up Plan

The Back-Up Plan a film starring Jennifer Lopez and Alex O’Loughlin directed by Alan Poul is a romantic comedy with many laugh out loud moments. The film has a plot that is fresh and from my research, is a cinematic original. Its unique plot has a light-hearted romantic appeal but with a stunning twist. The… View Article

WALL-E: The Cautionary Tale

“Will seeing WALL-E make kids more likely to recycle in the school cafeteria, or plant sprouts, as the kids from the spaceship do as their first act on Earth? ” (Judkis) This reflective question posed by Maria Judkis in her article, “Will WALL-E Make Us Greener” requires the viewing audience to think about more than… View Article

The Breakfast Club Film Analysis

In the beginning of the movie I think the only person who falls under the open self category is Brian. He is upfront with the others about his grades, his academics, and his family. As the day goes on and he starts to bond more with the others he starts to talk about his thoughts… View Article

Maya Lin a Strong Clear Vision

This documentary was very moving! I was amazed to learn that Maya Lin’s design was picked from so many! It is amazing that a board of representatives chose her design from all others. A twenty year old student had a vision that was so moving. I’ve been to the memorial many times, and it has… View Article

Double Indemnity: Love of Manipulation or Manipulation of Love?

“The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words” (Phillip K. Dick). Manipulation in this book can be summed up in one phrase: It takes two to tango. This dance takes total control… View Article

Film Study Prince

(1)According to Prince, what are the three core questions that “frame the essential attributes of cinema” and why are they important to consider in film studies? (6 points) 1) How do movies express meaning? It is important to consider in film studies because the basic tools of filmmaking help organize design of a film, and… View Article

Hot Zone Book vs. Movie

•In the book, we have Nancy and Jerry, and they are very important characters who deal with Ebola. Also they are married. In the movie, Sam and his ex-wife shares similar rolls like Nancy and Jerry. They try to stop the outbreak of Ebola virus in the monkey house. In the movie Sam and his… View Article

House Bunny Movie Review

In the film House Bunny, a 27-year-old girl, Shelley Darlingson, played by Anna Farris, finds herself tricked out of the Playboy Mansion by another bunny for being too old. Shelley winds up at the University of Southern California and becomes the house mother in a very poorly kept sorority house, Zeta Tau Alpha, consisting of… View Article

First Steps Film Assignment

The following assignment is based on the film “Becoming Human Episode 1: First Steps.” You may access the film in the following ways: 1. It is available for free on the PBS website at the following address: 2. It is available instantly through Netflix (where you may temporarily set up a free account for… View Article

12 Angry Men: Emotion

Emotions have significant role in the film 12 Angry Men when the jurors have to come to a decision about whether the boy is guilty or not. The different emotions shown by the jurors hinderstheir perspective and judgements on the case as well as towards the testimonies from the witnesses taken during the trial. Juror… View Article

50/50 Movie Review

When we first saw the trailer for the film 50/50 starring Joseph Gordon Levitt and Seth Rogan, we knew this was a must-see. The film’s rough story of a 20-something year old battling with “stage five back cancer” taught us that life is too short to sweat the small stuff. People go through tragic battles… View Article

Boyz in the Hood

Boyz in the Hood is a vivid video representation of what life is like for those who live in the hood. There are two families that were the focus within the movie: The Styles and The Bakers. The director of the movie, John Singleton, wants his viewers to compare the lives of the individuals within… View Article

Cinema Rant

Cinemas should be a fun, easy day out, right? Wrong.  Im sure for some people, if their idea of fun is uncomfortable seats, over priced food, drinks and tickets and half an hour worth of adverts, then yes, cinemas are a very enjoyable day out. So I get to the cinema and go to buy… View Article

My Mother in Garden

Alice Walker also uses her own mother as a method to explain the way they are and the creativity they have lived in . She explains, “Guided by my heritage of a love of beauty and respect for strength-in search of my mother’s garden, I found my own. “(Walker 675) This quote shows how Walker… View Article