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Interviewing techniques

Interview is a vital part of any employment, as it first allows getting a job and later, in a number of professions, it becomes one of the major responsibilities, especially in those specialties, which are associated with social work, social research or mental health counseling. The present paper is intended to discuss the progress of… View Article

Interviewing techniques

Things that made it difficult or uncomfortable One semester as an undergraduate, I tried out for a student-leader position on campus and one of the last rounds of interviews was to be done by a panel of five persons. The thing that made the interview most uncomfortable was the fact that so many persons were… View Article

Schindler’s List: “Liquidation of the Ghetto”

It is extraordinary when viewers are able to feel as though they are actually in a film while they watch it. Through the use of filmic techniques, Steven Spielberg does just this in his film, Schindler’s List. The film follows a man named Oskar Schindler who saves the lives of thousands of Jews by employing… View Article