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Film Opinion Essay

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When I decide to drive to the movie theater or to sit down and enjoy a film, several factors play in my choice of movie. Most of the time, it depends on the mood that I am in. Am I in the mood for something light and funny? Or do I want to submerge myself into a detail-oriented film such as Inception? I take into consideration whether I have enjoyed the actors in previous films, and if I think they will provide the entertainment I am looking for. Has the trailer engaged me long enough to make me interested in the film?

Or has the advertising flooded me with information that makes me feel as though the film will be another flop and not worth my time? These are all questions I ask myself when I start to think about watching a movie. Generally, I don’t take movie critic reviews into consideration because I have been disappointed several times in the past, but I will listen to what friends have to say about their experience with the movie. I enjoy most films across all genres. I enjoy when the stories are detailed, and provide a history of the characters, whether through flashbacks or dialogue. I prefer comedies to be humorously dark, sarcastic, or dry.

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With dramas or action flicks, I prefer for the protagonist to have some tragic faults that lead to their outcome or victory to be sweeter or to justify a better cause than them. I enjoy dialogue-heavy films with actors who can portray the character in a way that makes me believe in them. The recent run of comic-based movies is thoroughly enjoyable to me, due to the rich storytelling and deep backstories from the comic books that the movies accompany. Seeing those characters given life by actors that pull off the mannerisms and attitudes helps ensnare new fans into the world of comics.

Science fiction films draw me in because I have always been intrigued by the idea that our technological advancement will eventually cause issues that could lead to humanity’s downfall. When I can watch movies over and over again and find new, interesting subplots or Easter eggs, it makes the experience more rewarding. I do not enjoy films with plotlines that do not make sense, create a story too difficult for the medium to translate properly for the audience, or when movies start plotlines but do not see them through.

When watching horror films, slasher films do not pique my interest as much as psychological or religious horror films do. I try to stay away from the general run of the mill action films that come out every summer, that tend to have the same formula as a lot of other action movies. In rare instances, the soundtrack of a film will turn me away if it does not fit the mood and movement of the film. This makes them very predictable and unenjoyable to me. I also find it difficult to watch movies that are based on books but take too many liberties and do not follow the book’s storyline.

All in all, I enjoy watching movies and do so several times a week if I have the time. Whether it be new films or favorites that I have watched many times, it is always good to escape from reality for a short time and to relax. Movies have always been a good conversation piece for my circle of friends, and are usually what we choose to do when we get together. I find that I have no problem sitting down and starting any movie at home to see if it will capture my interest, but when it comes to paying for a ticket, I am more picky because I do not want to feel as though I wasted my money.

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