Film Music: Gabriel Oboe (From the movie “Mission”) Essay

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Film Music: Gabriel Oboe (From the movie “Mission”)


–     Student will watch a video clip from the movie “Mission”

  • How do musical media impact on the scene of the movie?
  • What is the message the composer tries to give in the scene of “Gabriel Oboe”?

Objective Information

  • What are the four traditional instrument families (Brass, Woodwinds, Strings, and Percussions)?
  • Please name the instruments in each traditional family.
  • How does each instrument family phonate?
  • Listening to “Peter and the wolf”- How does this particular instrument represent each character in the story?


  • Identify by sound and classify the instrument families used in the scene of the movie?
  • Write a short poem or a short story and choose an instrument then improvise a short musical piece that connects the poem or short story.

Essay Question (40-points)

1.)  Please answer the following question after watching the scene of “Gabriel Oboe” in the movie. How does the music have the power to communicate with people and changing people’s minds? And what are the messages the composer try to give from his musical media in the scene? (Minimum 150 words)

Short Answer Question/Listening Section ( 8 points- each)

2.) What are the four traditional instrument families? (2 points x 4 )

—————-,  ——————, ——————-, —————— .

2.)  What instrument family did the composer use in the beginning of the “Gabriel Oboe’s scene” (Before the solo oboe)?


Multiple Choice (4-points)

4.) Which instrument is not included in the woodwinds family?____.

  1. Oboe

  1. Clarinet

  1. Violin

  1. Flute

Matching (20-points each)

5.) Match correct instrument into the each traditional instrument family

  1. String __ A. Cymbals

  1. Woodwinds __ B. Trumpet

  1. Brass __ C.  Oboe

  1. Percussion __ D.  Cello

6.) Match the correct instrument to each character in “Peter and the wolf”.

  1. Grandfather__ A. Flute

  1. Duck __ B. Clarinet

  1. Bird__ C.  Oboe

  1. Cat __ D.  Bassoon
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