Film Genre Essay

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Film Genre

“Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality”. Popular fascination with shock, horror and psychological thriller genre has been situated at an ultimate high, with school students wanting to learn about these popular genres. From watching videos and reading books from these exquisite genres, students receive various in site from the different eras and how those particular eras were controlled.

Throughout the range of poetic genres each author has their own way of express feelings, protruding language techniques and helps show and feels emotions. Authors who illustrate genres in a particular way should be a part of the English curriculum, for the way they display the particular genres and help students understand the nature of fear, guilt and human conscience.

Particular language techniques are used in shock, horror and psychological thriller genres. The language techniques have changed intensely over the years and this is due to how lifestyles are controlled and how woman and men portray themselves to each other. The differences between sentences from today society and society from years ago have changed dramatically. A sentence from ‘Macbeth,” Wherefore was that cry”.

Today’s society “what was that noise or where did that noise come from”. Another quote from Edgar Allan Poe shows that the sentence structure were simple but complex and had intended to mean so much through such little words, “We loved with a love that was more than love.” Sentence from Authors who lived in different eras are interesting to study because we received a brilliant in site to how the language techniques were portrayed to being simple but complex. With the evidence provided, it is easy to see that Authors from different eras have much better language techniques.

From directors, narrators, author and actor, in their plays, movies and shows a high variety on universal themes are shown. A universal theme is human emotions that the audience can relate to throughout the play, movie or show. A universal theme is themes were the actor or character is feeling sad, happy, angry or betrayed.

Universal themes are defiantly very important for a student to learn about, and understand these different terms. These themes are used to interact with the audience and make the audience involved and when using universal themes in a scene it helps the audience interact with that particular scene and helps the audience feel apart.

Thirdly, students in today’s society are more engaging in English themes that they are wanting to learn about or what they enjoy learning about. With shock, Horror and the Psychological thriller genre at high demands and statistics say that these 3 genres are the most demanded genres in the world. With Shock, horror and psychological thriller genre being taught in schools, will most likely make school students engage in the Lesson more because they want to actually learn and be involved in the lesson.

The final criterion is the difference in shock, horror and psychological thriller genre to now and 100 years ago has changed dramatically. These genres a long time ago were about simple fighting, simple killing, blood and guts. And in this century these genres mean people playing sick mind games and torturing, ghosts, demons, spirits, haunted houses, more in depth gory scenes and lots more. It is very important for students to learn about the difference in these genres and to compare them together they have changed a lot.

School students today learn a lot from shock, horror and psychological thriller genre. The students learn a lot from particular language techniques, universal themes and how these particular genres have changed and evolved over time. If the Queensland censorship board considers banning these genres, they are taking a lot away about history that students need to learn about and are essential to the English learning curriculum.

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