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Film Festival

Houston, TX (Mar. 18, 2009) —The 2009 WorldFest-Houston proudly presents Food Fight as part of its award-winning documentary side bar. Food Fight is a fascinating look at how American agricultural policy and food production developed in the 20th century, igniting a California food movement that sparked a tasty, counter-revolution. The documentary dishes up topics including sustainable produce, farmers markets, school lunch programs and inner-city gardens. It’s a savvy, fast-paced investigation that chronicles the life and times of ‘slow foods movement’ pioneer Alice Waters and her landmark restaurant, Chez Panisse, which transformed an industry based on profits into a market based on wholesome flavor. Food Fight is a riveting, smart romp through the historic rise of the Organic foods trend.

This culinary adventure cooks up a clever insider’s view of how the nation’s plates are forsaking processed filler foods for homegrown, healthy produce. Chefs Alice Waters, Wolfgang Puck and Suzanne Goin are featured. If you’re interested in the origins of America’s flavorful farmer’s market revolution, you can check out Food Fight which will screen during the WorldFest-Houston Film Festival’s run, April 17-26, at the AMC 30 Dunvale (2949 Dunvale, Houston, TX 77063). Enjoy the newest feature film from food activist and screen director, Chris Taylor, who will be available after the viewing to discuss the film’s highlights!

WorldFest Houston, founded in 1961, is the third oldest Independent film festival in the United States. This annual event has evolved into a competitive Independent International film festival showcasing the rising stars of tomorrow. This year’s 42nd Annual WorldFest (April 17-26, 2009) will feature: 50 award-winning Indie films, 100 superb short films, 450 Indie filmmakers from around the globe, 6 Master Classes/Film industry seminars, 1 Grand Awards Gala & Cocktail Reception with the filmmakers and a Closing Day Regatta/Barbecue & VIP NASA/Space Center Houston Tour.

Tickets are $6 for a single matinee (films before 6 pm) or $10.00 per single evening admission and range upward based on packages that customers purchase. Film Buff $100, Silver Screen $150 and ultimate VIP Platinum Pass $500. Check for details. Tickets will be available mid-March online and up to theatre- capacity at show time at the Cinema Box Office. All films, seminars and events are open to the public. Opening Night Prices ~ $20 per person for Film & Program book. $30 per person for Film, Program book and Champagne Reception at Renaissance Hotel after the film

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