Film Classification Essay

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Film Classification

After a long day’s work we all enjoy siting down in front of the tv screen and get lost in a movie of our choice. In that 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours we are lost in an alternative realty. Leaving all the stress of hours past and cheer on as Bruce Wayne puts on the Bat suit and kick some bad guys behind, or watch as Cameroon Diaz ignoring the guy who loves her and falls for a brat who doesn’t treat her right but in the end she ends up with the good guy and love wins. After which we feel better but go back to the real world with your land lord calling you endlessly.

Films categorised in different genres depending on the theme and feel of the film. This helps to distinguish between what the film is about and we choose based on what we like. There are a number of types of films and they can be broken down to based on technics and stylistic methods used. In this I shall look at 6 major ones, Action, comedy, Drama, Musicals, Horror, and science fiction. James Bond, The Terminator, Batman, Avengers are all films that have thrilled millions of fans among other movies. This films usually are big budget have losts of stunt, explosions, car chases.

They are fast passed, with a lot of gun fights, martial arts, or other forms of violent. Also you can include crime or gangster films, westerns war epics, and westerns. This films are highly charged and are best watched with popcon. Jim Carrey, Ben Stiller are but some of the comedians that have broght laughter to our homes for a while. Comedys is type of films that are funny. Usually filled with either dramatic humor or full on jokes that make as crack up. They are typically light and the plot is not that deep but all in a good time.

Recommened to watch with company. Dramas on the other hand have heavy plots. The story drives the film and takes you with it. Titanic, lion King, Forest Gump are just but examples. Drama is probably the biggest type of films out there and you can name a lot of your favourite films in this genre. Recommended to watch with tissue tears might roll down. Musicals are movies that the characters sing instead of just talking through the film. Les Miserables that just came out recently is a perfect example of this types of films.

They are very tenichal and fun to watch, it like watching a really long music video. Reccomeneded to watch with a date. The Grudge, Paranormal Activity, The ring, The Saw series are among some of the horror films that have kept us awake. This movies are dark in nature, they tend to provoke our worst fears. Usually very terrifying and highly captivating and deeply shooking. Reccomeneded to watch under a blanket and with the doors shut. And finally science fiction films. Movies are fantasy bassed, highly imaginative more tecknologikally advanced than our present times.

Most of the time they are set in the future with projected visions of machines computers and Robots that are not there around right now. Star Wars, Star Trek, Terminator, Iron Man, and I robot are among the films in this genre. Reccomended to watch in any with an open mind. Though this are the basic film types you could break them down even further. There are too many films out there some that can fit in two or more groups. You could go on to break it down depending on style, theme, directing and many more.

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