Film and Popular Cinema Essay

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Film and Popular Cinema

After reading this week’s assignment and researching different types of film and popular cinema, I have realized some of the differences between the two. I always thought they were the same thing but found that to be far from the truth. Film is a way of putting art into motion. I viewed several pieces on different websites, in particular, on YouTube. I watched one called White Noise. It had no plot or storyline, but showed very interesting art concepts and pieces. Many artists made work addressing social, sexual and racial issues, renewing links with what survived of the ‘community video’ movement of the 1970s. By 1990 video installations had featured in several large international exhibitions and were a familiar presence in galleries and museums, assuming fresh authority through the work of such artists as Gary Hill and Marie-Jo Lafontaine.

Artists making single-screen work exhibited increasingly on television, and the medium of video was merging with that of the computer. Film, no longer novel nor wholly dependent on a gallery context, had become part of an increasingly elaborate network of electronic communication (Mick Hartney, 2009). Popular cinema is designed around selling tickets and making money at the expense of catering to the demands of global audiences. An example of popular cinema is any of the Twilight movies. They are movies produced from the novels written by Stephanie Meyer. The first movie was a huge success, making audience demand for a sequel a high priority of the producers and distribution companies.

The same result came of the sequel and they made the third. Originally, the deal was to make a movie for each book, but if the movies did not succeed in the box office the projects would have been terminated. As, a matter of fact, it is so successful that the last movie based on the last book has been split in half to make two more subsequent movies instead of one. I find myself appreciating both of these forms of art. I have opened up when it comes to the appreciation of art because I have learned the subtle, and some not so subtle differences between different art forms.

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