Film Analysis Update Essay

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Film Analysis Update

I have selected the film “Elizabeth: the Golden Age” because I became extremely fascinated on why of all the monarchs who have ruled England, she is the monarch that has been included in various forms of literature as well as having an era in England’s history named after her. After selecting the film for this paper, I first watched the entire movie without pausing and just noting down scenes that I considered as the most important. After that I watched the film again carefully so much so that I would pause the film once in a while in order to note down important parts of the film.

My next step was to go to the Library and began to study the book “England’s Elizabeth: an Afterlife in Fame and Fantasy” by Michael Dobson and Nicola J. Watson in order to get a better understanding how authors, poets and filmmakers have depicted Queen Elizabeth I in various forms of literature and productions. The best resource materials I came across were “Behind the Mask: the Life of Queen Elizabeth I” by Jane Rush Thomas since it gave a very objective outlook on the life of Queen Elizabeth I.

In the paper, the summary of the film would first be presented on the paper followed by the presentation of information from resource materials which would either support or challenge certain scenes in the movie, specifically the role of Mary Stuart in the attempted assassination of Queen Elizabeth I and the war between Spain and England. From there a comparison on the accuracy of the depiction of this chapter in the life of Queen Elizabeth I in the film will be analyzed since there were some events shown in the film that appear to contradict historical documentations.

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