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Film adaptations are sometimes faithful to the original text and sometimes not. Tim Nelson’s “O” modern-day film share the same experiences as in Shakespeare Othello play. They play outlines the tragic fate that Othello goes through with Hugo and Desdemona, and focusing on Hugo and not realizing that he is a villain who tries to ruin his life. Tim Nelson “O” a faithful adaptation of Othello, the plot was driven by emotions created by jealousy, betrayal, and violence. Jealousy is a factor in both modern days and Shakespeare Othello.

In Othello, jealousy has developed by Iago, whom he thinks has been overseen as a flag officer and Othello’s best friend. In ‘O’ Hugo is jealous of his father’s relationship with Odin. Hugo’s father, Duke, is the basketball coach of the team that Odin and Hugo play for. Odin is the team captain of the Hawks, and he receives the ‘most valuable player’ award. Odin wants to share the award with his ‘go-to guy,’ Mike and not his loyal friend Hugo.

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Hugo has believed that he is the M.V.P. on the team, which he is then filled with jealousy as his father gives Odin the award and tells him, ‘I’m very proud to say this publicly, I love him like my own son’ (‘O’).

I’ve always wanted to live like a hawk. I know you’re not supposed to be jealous of anything, but to take flight, to soar above everything and everyone, that’s living.

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A hawk is no good around other birds. Even though all the other birds probably wanna be hawks, they hate him for what they can’t be: proud, powerful, determined. Odin is a hawk. He soars above us. He can fly (‘O’). Hugo becomes envious of Odin. As he compares Odin to a hawk and himself and everyone else around as ‘other birds’ which betray as doves in ‘O.’ Hugo is jealous that his own father appreciates Odin more than him. Hugo starts to believe that his father is giving Odin special treatment when Odin’s behavior changes, which should have gotten him kicked off the team. However, when Odin makes one mistake, Coach Duke goes to ask the dean for ‘just one more game.’ Hugo’s father has increased his jealousy in ‘O’ with the relationship he has with Odin and not his son. Jealousy that is shown in ‘O’ is a particular feature in the book Othello also. However, besides the relationship Duke has with Odin, Hugo is also jealous of Odin’s romance with Desi. His original plan is to break the two up. He does not begin to plan the disaster from the results of the jealous move till later.

Emily (Emilia) has also become jealous of Desi and Odin’s relationship; which is why she steals Desi’s scarf for Hugo. Nelson’s ‘O’ Film adaptation is faithful to the original text because of the characters betray one another. Hugo can convince Desi’s father, Dean Brable (Brabantio), that ‘something has been stolen’ from him and it’s his daughter. When Desi clears the rumor to her father, Dean Brable tells Odin, ‘She deceived me, what makes you think she won’t do the same to you?’ As this results to Odin getting suspicions of Desi’s dishonesty to him. Hugo gets Odin’s suspicions of Desi to increase by making it look like she is cheating on him with Mike by asking if they have ever used to date. Odin only shrugs off the suspicion, but Hugo’s comments start to eat at him later on. Hugo only keeps telling Odin, ‘Watch her. If she keeps hangin’ out with Mike and talkin’ about him, then we got something to talk about. We don’t let on, bro. Just watch'(‘O’).

Since Desi’s dating a black man, Hugo thinks there might be something unnatural in Desi to date Odin, like in Othello she does not date ‘her own clime, complexion, and degree’, so Odin starts to think that Desi will change her mind and betray him to be with someone else because he is not good enough for her. This has a result of Odin getting violent. Violence in Othello is using swords to kill each other and in ‘O,’ guns were used in the modern-day movie. Odin (Othello) starts to use speed to keep up with his basketball games. As doing so this makes him delusional, and the fact that he is also gullible with Hugo’s (Iago) lies it becomes more believable to Odin. Enraged, Odin vowes to kill her. Hugo then also promises Odin to kill Michael (Cassio). Odin pretends to make up with Desi by making out with her, Odin attacks Desi which she fights back, but he finally strangles her to death. Hugo and Roger attempt to kill Michael by carjacking him, Hugo then turns the gun onto Roger who he kills after telling him that Desi is dead.

Emotions created by jealousy, betrayal, and violence can be driven through the plot of the book and film which helps makes the characters actions. Which it makes Tim Nelson’s ‘O’ a faithful adaptation of Othello, the book and film shows the audiences what can happen when you manipulate and get inside of people’s head. Even the addition to the actions people make the adapted format captures the characters being manipulated into doing things. Both book and film leave the audiences with the same feelings because they know how Hugo (Iago) is and how horrible of a person that he is and what he did to people. Both versions of the story have endured that Hugo (Iago) is a terrible villian who likes to ruin people.

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