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The Results of Disney Films

When you watch princess movies you will see that males are just as stereotyped as the females. Men are made to be tough, strong, and sometimes abusive. In the article, Gender Role Portrayal and the Disney Princesses, the author wrote about the different masculine characteristics that Disney films portrayed. Some of the characteristics were brave, assertive, unemotional and physical strong. (Englan...

Theoretical Analysis of Mrs Doubtfire

This is not overlooked by Daniel, as he is forced to become a better cook as a nanny. It is interesting to see how much the lives of the children seem to improve as this gender role is fulfilled. The lives of everyone around Mrs. Doubtfire drastically improve. This is the films portrayal of the importance of sex and gender roles. The comedy of Robin Williams, who portrays Daniel Hillard or Mrs. D...

And The Band Played On

A character that I did not like so much was Robert Gallo. As an actor I believe Alan Alda was excellent, but the character he portrays makes my blood run cold from the moment he was introduced. Had it not been for him, HIV/AIDS research would have been so much faster, but because Gallo was more concerned about the profits and credit from the discovery of the virus, things were not as quick. Perhap...

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The Movie "Audism Unveiled"

Hearing people do view being deaf as a misfortune, but that does not justify the way that they get treated by hearing people. I think it's horrible how they are viewed as unable. I would hate to imagine someone treating me like I'm not able because I'm Hispanic or because I'm gay. It would tear me apart and I'm sure most deaf people feel the same way. Audism needs to be a bigger issue among hearin...

The Movie "127 Hours"

On April 2003, the engineer, climber and canyoneer Aron Ralston travels to Blue John Canyon without telling anyone to spend the weekend doing what he likes to do: climb the isolated canyon. He meets the teenagers Kristi and Megan that are lost and they spend a couple of hours together bathing in a lake in a cave. He says goodbye to them and while descending a canyon crack, a chockstone comes loose...

The Breakfast Club Reaction Paper

The Breakfast Club is typically about five teenagers and their deviant ways but regardless of their differences they all have one major thing in common, they are struggling to fit in. Neither Andrew, Brian, Bender, Allison, nor Claire are truly their own person, they are all conforming in some way to fit in and they all have their weaknesses. They discover that they all have strained relationships...

Drama Film On Golden Pond

I loved Norman’s humor and the relationships reminded me of those in my own personal life. Each of the characters reminded me of at least one person significant in my life. The movie highlighted the fact that these theories covered in Malone’s class are indeed very much realistic. Also the film made these theories relatable, producing a greater understanding. The movie opened my eyes and helpe...

Hotel Rwanda

Throughout the film, I was inspired in many ways. Paul’s ability to handle so many things being thrown at him was admirable. Although he broke down once, he handled it with the utmost grace and love. Not only did Paul try to ensure that every human’s basic rights, he also made sure that God’s call and the themes of Catholic Social Justice were also met. Paul Rusesabagina’s story is one of ...

A Reflection on Film Chasing Zero

Now, when people visit a healthcare facility for any reason, they will understand that the professionals working with them are human, and can therefore make mistakes. Through the documentary, people can learn to be their own advocates and to question anything that their healthcare provider is doing which is unclear to them. Chasing Zero presented many concepts to think about and a goal that, if wo...

Truman Show and Allegory of the Cave Reality

The constrained world in which Truman lives in increases uncertainties about his seeming freedom. In order to determine what is real or not, Truman first doubts everything about the world around him and starts to set about trying to discover what was the truth, questioning his acquaintances and trying to leave the place he had always known. These were similar actions to those of the prisoner in Pl...

All About Eve

Ultimately, the film ‘All about Eve’ is marked by a polarizing gender ideology, used to promote marriage as a romantic ideal and women. Through the roles of Karen, Margo and Eve, the film highlights that married women find happiness from serving their husband, the inevitable emotional emptiness that women will experience e if they reject their domestic roles in their pursuit of a career, and h...

Film About John and Abigail Adams

Also in the letters is possible to realize that he believed that independence would probably be necessary. Congress, however, was not yet willing to agree, and Adams fumed while still more petitions were sent off to England. The best chance of promoting independence, he concluded, was through the device of instructing the various colonies to adopt new forms of government following the breakdown of...

Heavenly Creatures

This was Peter Jacksons aim. He has specifically chosen this story due to its peculiar circumstances and presented his interpretation and exploration as to how two girls could go through with such an insane act, therefore he has developed this key idea and conveyed it successfully therefore making Heavenly Creatures a “great” film. Therefore this confirms that great films often hinge on the su...

The Pursuit of Happyness: True Story

Chris Gardner reportedly thought Smith—an actor best known for his performances in action movies—was miscast to play him. However, he said his daughter Jacintha "set him straight" by saying, "If Smith can play Muhammad Ali, he can play you!" Gardner makes a cameo appearance in the film, walking past Will and Jaden in the final scene. Gardner and Will acknowledge each other; Will then looks bac...

The Pursuit of Happyness Film Review

I personally also believe that America is a country, which has the platform to achieve your dream as long as you are willing to fight for it and you also have the abilities to succeed it. Those who are lazy will forever remain in their poverty and it is no one's fault but their own. It is the advantage of capitalism and the American political ideology; one does not have to remain in their poverty ...

The Great Debaters Film Review

“For that all-too-brief hour,” he declared, “the mixed audience seemed to forget their difference, applauding one team as readily as it applauded another. In the South, I have seen the children of ex-slaves shaking hands with the grandsons of the masters after the debate.” The film would have been far more interesting had more of an effort been made by Denzel Washington and producer Oprah ...

Apes to Man (Reaction Paper)

Other important human characteristics – such as a large and complex brain, the ability to make and use tools, and the capacity for language added to the basis for his theory. Early human fossils and archeological remains offer the most important clues about this ancient past. These remains include bones, tools and any other evidence left by earlier people. Usually, the remains were buried and pr...

Film Analysis of Schindler’s List

This symbolizes the Jews’ choice to be happy even as the world around them is so harsh and brutal to them. The scene once again circulates to show Amon Goeth in the basement intimidating, yelling at, and eventually beating his Jewish servant Helen. The entirety of Goeth’s hate and wrath are taken out on Helen. Spielberg’s use of parallel editing helps display the effects of the Holocaust bet...

The Shawshank Redemption Film Review

I believe that Darabont has been effective in exploring and constructing the themes; hope and freedom for the audience to engage in. Darabont very clearly uses the production elements to represent the two key concepts throughout the whole film, The cinematography and lighting effect have especially important roles to play in this film, although I found that the most significant element was the na...

Man vs. Machine

At the end of T2, after a series of action-packed scenes, which would have deprived any human of life or limb, both terminators are dissolved together in their own industrial melting pot. This ending may say something about the modern combination of old and new technologies in the cinema, as it does about the integration of old and new modes of production in industry. But it also seems to me, that...

Psychological Analysis of "The Butterfly Effect"

In conclusion, you can see that The Butterfly Effect portrays a lot of psychological facts and disorders because of all the traumatic events these young children went through. The biggest aspect of The Butterfly Effect is the different types of memory Evan uses in the movie, like repression, retrieval, and implicit. The main idea of the movie is that one tiny change can completely alter the future...

Analysis Of The Movie 'Pleasantville'

The plot of Pleasantville is relatively simple - two real people being sucked into an unreal world. However, it makes allusion to the real world, such as segregation and censorship. It also deliver its message successfully, that change is inevitable. The scenes where the black and white tree bursting into bright orange flame, and the Lover's Lane as Eden, have strong visual impact on the audience,...

Cinematography of Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands

However "My Place" and "Edward Scissorhands" involve completely different journeys in the sense that Morgan's is a true account and autobiography of her real family and Tim Burtons film is a fantasy. This contrast shows that scissors for hands is a symbol illustration that is used to point out the discrimination felt by people who are actually physically different, just like Nan and Gladys who wer...

Techniques Used In A Current Affair Program

People will continue to watch current affairs programs such as Sixty Minutes and Today Tonight. They will even continue to take what they see as the truth, even though we know that producers of show like the ones mentioned do use techniques like using emotive language, camera tricks and bias selection of content. However, by learning about all of the techniques they can use, we may be able to sort...

Pamphlet analysis

A layout technique which has been used on this film pamphlet is text boxes. Text boxes are usually used in ads to help make the ad easier to read and to help all of the text to stand out. For this film pamphlet, there are many text boxes because there are many sections of text on the back with equal importance. On the back of the film pamphlet, there are many quotes which praise the film and the ...

Create a speech on "Looking for Alibrandi"

The use of voice over is applied throughout the film by the main character Josie Alibrandi as it constantly reveals personal ideas and impressions from Josies point of view. During her final year of High school, her life is turned upside down. However, as she matures from being a very rebellious and determined girl to a more responsible and experienced young woman, perspectives of her own identity...

Matilda Film Analysis

At the beginning of the film, when Matilda is reading books on the floor, her father walks in and a low mid shot is utilized with the father filling up most of the screen. This gives the effect that the father is treating her badly, thus makes the audience feel empathy for her. This conveys that Matilda does not belong in the family. At the scenes where Matilda is bonding with Miss honey, e. g. wh...

Truman Show Scene Analysis

Meryl’s footsteps were also loud so it alerts Truman as well as the audience. The cellar and amplified sounds were hinting there was an unknown truth going to be revealed. Weir has planned this scene very carefully with the aim of making the film more intense and fascinating. He has used a variety of film techniques to bring about; many different camera angles- each serving its purpose, Meryl’...

The Rear Window - Sequence Analysis

Much of Hitchcock's use of high angles and dolly are significant examples of cinematography that contribute to an apparent, repeating theme that will almost certainly set the baseline for the rest of the film. Hitchcock then uses mise en scene with supporting aural cues that further stimulate our senses to create a very authentic viewing experience to emphasize us looking out the window, spying on...

"Little Buddha" Summary and Review

Little Buddha was an educational film that displayed thought and emotion throughout, and gave the viewer a look at the inside of Buddhism. It was displayed in a way that taught more than a textbook paragraph ever could, with likeable characters, (for the most part) realistic character interaction, and the intention of spreading knowledge of Buddhism and possible Buddhism itself to anyone who is w...

The Blind Side Film Review

The Blind Side shows how one family could make a difference in the life of one disadvantaged youth, and also how the willingness of both Michael and the Tuohy family ended up changing the relationships and communication skills of all of them. These relationships are examples of interpersonal communication helping individuals to grow and become more competent and self-aware in spite of operating ou...

Movie "The Great Debaters"

"The Great debaters" movie is so educational that watching it made me feel like I have been in a classroom session. Although I actually was! The movie inspired me to do my best to be a better speaker, to take time to research my topics and prepare myself before my presentation. The movie taught me the importance of words and that you can win over darkness or anything with the power of your words. ...

Scientific Critique of "Osmosis Jones"

In conclusion, the film "Osmosis Jones" sparks a children's imagination of the human body through comedy and animation. Although with a few misconceptions the film touches upon important systems such as the immune system, the central nervous system, the circulatory system and the digestive system. It provides the film's audience with a visual depiction and representation of every system and its ma...

Reflection Paper On Erin Brokovich

This woman, who has been an underdog in life, unjustly underestimated all her life by people around her, having no formal education of a college degree and lack of legal experience manages to bring a corporate giant down on its knees and landed a monumental settlement. She was no legal training but a formidable instinct. This heroine display a resilient and tenacious determination of extending her...

"Sicko" Response Paper

This documentary was very interesting for me. The healthcare system in America is controversial right now and it is a topic I am still trying to understand myself. While this documentary did clarify some confusion for me, it did not remove it all together. Moore was very convincing in his arguments, but they were flawed. He is biased toward the socialistic healthcare system and did not portray an...

Control Room Analysis

In the documentary, the film maker's bias can be seen through the brutish depiction of American troops In conclusion, the film maker draws much of their argument from media and anti-american propaganda. The American soldiers and politicians are made out to be fiendish low lives, while the Iraq citizens are depicted strongly protesting or dead on the battlefield. Based on this, I believe the film m...

Ganres of Drama Film

Tragedy Drama is a genre wherein the downfall of the character is caused by a flaw within the character. While Tragedy Dramas sometime put the character in extraordinary circumstances, this genre is really about the self-destructive behavior of the character. The flaws of the character come to a head and ultimately result in death or other form of degradation. Examples: American Beauty, Death of a...

The dark knight

In the opening scene of “The Dark Knight” Christopher Nolan uses Different camera shots such as Reaction shots, High angle shot, Low angle shot, close-ups etc. When the bank manager is on the ground and uses dialogue ““Think you’re smart huh? Well, the guy you hired you just do the same to you” when the Joker walks towards him we see a point of view shot showing us what Joker sees the ...

The Devil Wears Prada Film Review

The interviewer reveals that Miranda told him she was by far her biggest disappointment, but that if he did not hire her, he would be an idiot. Afterwards Andy calls Emily while walking past the Runway office and offers to send Emily all of the outfits Andy got while in Paris, Emily feigns imposition saying the clothes will "absolutely drown her" but accepts. After the call Andy then sees Miranda...

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