Filipino vs Phenomenal Catastrrophe Essay

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Filipino vs Phenomenal Catastrrophe

In our distant years we had been measured and defied by different tribulations in our life. But what could be more to catastrophic phenomenal like typhoon, flash floods and the alarming tsunami alert that devastated the livelihood and lives of many people in our country. In just a year we become exposed to numerous calamities that left holes and trauma to Filipino people. As much as we seek for peacefulness and contentment in life, we cannot alter the nature’s revenge to the mankind. But this would not be the end of the lives of Filipino people.

We all know that our days of seeking progress and livelihood become minimal as we face different phenomenal catastrophe in a year. Imagine the numerous typhoons that had swept the different provinces with its alarming effect to the area. Causing floods, landslides, destroying properties and the worst of all taking lives of many innocent people, most of them are children and elders. They are the ones not strong enough to surpass the diseases brought about by those calamities. Calamities with different orthography, with different names, whatever it may be it would always spell c-a-t-a-s-t-r-o-p-h-e.

It spreads like a slander and it makes the victims lissome. But fortunately despite all of these we opt to become strong-willed, we thwart arrogance and weaknesses, and we always have a zestful qualities reserved for this time of misfortune. Life would go on circle but still Filipino traits and culture will find its way to uplift every ones’ heart and faith. Filipinos have extraordinary behavior towards phenomenal catastrophe, we are blessed with immense spirit that lubricates our will to survive and to become strong-willed individual.

No matter what happens we manage to show sympathy and smile for what is worth. The power of smile would always be painted in the faces of Filipino people and our strong faith in God blessed us with the will to move on and recover easily. We are generous in giving love and care to one another. The Filipino people cast undeniable appeal and optimistic approach in such catastrophe bombarded in the life of nation. We pursue in exhibiting calmness and strong personality saying- “I am a Filipino, I’m not going to quit.

” We portrayed such resilience that enkindles the heart of whole nation through positivity and generosity. Without harum-scarum we can do anything if we possess such positive attitudes towards life and insurmountable odds that would come along our ways. We can all be a hero in our own little ways. Let us all change dominance to munificence and treasure the gifts, blessings and moments that we shared with our family and friends. Live a righteous life for we do not hold the time we can spend living on earth. -febz-.

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