Filipino Smiles and Spirits

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Philippines, when we hear this word one thing pops out in the mind of most people in the World, Typhoon Haiyan, that barreled through most of Visayas, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake. Being the most powerful storm ever landed, how do Filipinos react into this kind of calamity? The fact that many storm have landed there all over the years. Can Filipinos still find a way to smile in those times? Many calamities have landed there in the Philippines, Including the Typhoon Haiyan, which is the most terrifying storm ever existed.

It’s a tragedy to experience such a storm in a small country like theirs.

We’ve seen high floods high as a second floor house, Children crying, Starving people begging for help, winds not like the zephyr outside your window but a wind like a tornado. If you’re in their situation, you’ll be given a Hobson’s choice by your own mind “You’ll eat that spoiled food on the ground or starve yourself to death” You have no option but to eat whatever food there is.

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People there had lousy- which means “abundantly supplied”- of stuffs, lousy of tragic memories, lousy of tears, lousy of floods, lousy of lousiness of many stuffs brought by the typhoon, but one thing we’re very lousy of are their humor and smiles.

This is the best characteristics of Filipinos, even though darkness is taking over, they still find our little ray of sunshine and are happy for it, we’ll still find their sweet smiles.

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I found a lot of funny pictures in the internet, people dressed like a mermaid sitting on a rock, imitating little mermaid. Some are dressed like scuba divers, swimming in the ersatz swimming pool which is the flood in an Olympics way, edited a picture and titled it “The ConjuRAIN”, another picture showed two people lying on a waterbed, looking very relaxed as if they’re sun bathing. some even managed to take a picture of themselves smiling!.

The Brightest smiles are owned by the Filipino people. Some countries may misunderstand the way we handle a situation like this but it’s just the way we are, we smile, we don’t lose hope. Just like the quote I’ve seen on the net “Baha ka lang, Pinoy kami! ” means “You’re only a flood, We are Filipinos! “. Filipino Spirit is Waterproof! We still find a sense of humor even in the worst day. They are Filipinos, these traits are in their blood.

Being sad is the penultimate thing we feel whenever there’s calamity, and being happy and optimistic for what we still got is the last thing we feel. Having that trait is a blessing, show them that happiness is in your attitude. “There’s no reason crying in the rain, or flood for that matter. It worsens the situation, now another one is coming in and we need all the smile we can muster to drive away the gloomy days”That phrase can be a double meaning telling us to be strong in any problems and be happy for what you got. God really great for giving them such a trait.

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