File format Essay Topics

Why is powerpoint a good choice of presentation format?

In general, e-learning or electronic learning is computer- enhanced pedagogical learning. It is linked in advanced learning technology (ALT), which uses multimedia technologies and methodologies. Some of these technologies include ePortfolios, electronic performance support system, PDA’s, MP3 Players with multimedia capabilities, web-based teaching materials, hypermedia in general, multimedia CD-ROMs, discussion boards, collaborative software, e-mail, blogs,… View Article

The Impact That File Format, Compression Techniques Image Resolution

Discuss the impact that file format, compression techniques image resolution and colour depth have on file size and image quality. In this report, I will talk about my understanding of the impact in various file format, the different compression techniques, and different resolutions and different colour depth. I will show print screens of different types… View Article

Develop a full-sentence outline in the APA style

Draft a formal outline for the research paper you intend to write. Please complete most of your preliminary research on your topic before you draft your outline. Develop a full-sentence outline in the APA style (see pages 2-3 of the Ashford Outline Sample). Be sure to leverage any useful feedback you received on your Research… View Article