Fight for unity-Platform issue Essay

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Fight for unity-Platform issue

Racism has been an impediment and a drawback issue towards the unity of the American society. The society has been shaped in terms of ethnic and racial groups that have yield various groups which include the whites, African-Americans, Latin-Americans and others. Racial grouping and disintegration of the national unity as people from the American society has led to consequent erosion into the principles and ideologies that ignite the reservation of unity.

However, the same issue is gradually becoming less effective after various clauses of the Federal laws have come to incorporate various legal structures that provide equity and equality for all the people in America. (James, 2005) At my personal level, I have been committed in fighting for racial equity and equality that would provide better place for the American society by ensuring the prevailing factor of national unity.

I have done this through incorporating individuals from my home estate who are within the youth bracket in coming together towards fighting against racial discrimination. Though the group is still young and founded on low profile of campaign structures and portfolios, I see the future of the movement to been an expanded one that would efficiently address the effects of American racism. Engagement to this platform issue came about after recognizing the effects of racism within the American state.

Consequently, the broad population had been classified into various racial groups based on color, origin and other aspects. From these racial groupings, different groups were disadvantaged or advantaged in enjoying various social, legal, political and educational benefits at the expense of the others. On a greater scope, non-white Americans were disadvantaged in getting equal medical, education, housing and political benefits like the white Americans. The entangles of the same were engraved even at our immediate level where I witnessed such discrimination.

(Christopher, Knaus, 2006) However, we could perhaps vote thanks to the Federal legal system that has developed a legal framework that incorporates both majority rule and minority rights. Through these two legal aspects, small racial groups that may lack majority rule representations can now embrace foundations of equality and equity that is provided by the doctrines of the legal framework. Generally, my commitment towards fighting racial discrimination remains a fountain tool for providing unity within the American state.

My philosophy has been that, racial discrimination is an enemy towards national unity and cohesion. Consequently, we have been motivated towards calling for social integration for all races towards a cohesive national building that would restore peace, unity and harmony. (Roger, Harry, 1970) Within a society free of racial discrimination, the society would be ploughed back to equilibrium of balance in sharing and enjoying natural state resources, social services, education, housing and others.

My main motive has been in a society established on a ground of unity which would consequently ignite national harmony and therefore providing a persuasive environment for state building and development. The intent has been the formulation of a society that shares responsibilities, resources and opportunities at an equal arms length without any discrimination into color, race or origin. This would therefore act as a benchmark process with which the society would wage a harmonious and a unity codified relation that imposes no discrimination founded on racial imageries.

Unity would secure a place towards national cleansing where a state of brotherhood shapes the society. Mine has been to fight racial discrimination within the society as a process towards fighting for unity. Reference Christopher, B & Knaus, C (2006) Race, Racism and Multiraciality in American Education. Academia Press, LLC James, W (2005) Sundown Towns: A Hidden Dimension of American Racism. Norton Publishers. Roger, D & Harry, H (1070) American Racism: Exploration of the nature of Prejudice. New York, Prentice Hall.

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