Fight for Islamic Women’s Right

Many years ago, some Islamic women believed that had to choose between their Islamic personality, their identity, and their freedom. It was above their limits of possibility their choice that, they couldn’t involve in their own faith and their feminist knowledge. For some few years ago, a global women movement called equality in Arabic language known as “Musawah” started to make some conditions that women can fight for their rights, for justice and for equality among Muslim women. There were twelve women from different countries like Egypt, Gambia, Turkey and Pakistan who started feminist, and they tired up two years laying out women empowerment movements guiding principles.

During the whole of people in the Muslim world and society, feminist belief is going among Muslim women who brave and willing to fight for their rights. These women fought for equality, where women and men having the same equality and Islamic feminism is defined by Islamic scholars. Example of feminism scholars were Halide Edip, Turkish feminist, and Latifah.

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In 19th century debates over position of women, Islamic feminism scholars change women in their family’s ideas, for instance in 1900s women in the society where not counted as “human beings”, they were not allowing to participate in any social activities like education, jobs and involving with society political parties.

Gender issues were one of most important issues why women fought for their right and the debate on it. Example of gender issues was, Islamic marriage contract; Mahr-payment to wife, this when the husband pay amount of many to the women’s family to marry her, because of this payment the man make to the wife family, the man is the head of the family and he gets to do everything in the household, because it was said he is in charge of everything.

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“I will like to say a little bit about the payment to wife issues in my religion or culture, in my culture, when a man wants to marry a women from her family, he is ask to bring “drinks” like wine and traditional drinks, he is also ask to pay a certain amount of money for engagement, especially when you don’t marry the woman before getting her pregnant, the payment they set out for the man is very huge, because they says when the man do that, he cheats the woman’s family, because of the law or rule in our traditional beliefs, the men have learnt from it and they do what they are suppose to do if they are ready for marriage and they are able to afford the “bride price” they are bold enough to ask the wife hand in marriage.”

A feminist from Malaysia who were changed by some organization’s work, who now reorganized religious arguments to review inequality in their marriages. For example, like, when women are being abused by their husband’s, when their husbands cheat on them, they don’t have say but when they do have something to implied it what their husbands did, whatever they utter seems as a behavior or attitude goes against Islam. Mostly husbands are more likely to respond to religious appeals.

Women’s empowerment was approximately linked some ways and strategies of women pressure group to take part within structures in some common gender relations and to correct existing gender hierarchies. Women’s empowerment and the improvement of their political, social, economic and health. In all part of the world, women are being threaten to their lives, health and their well- being and this result in women working head in their job place coming back home to do house chores, women were overburden with work and their lack of power and influence. In most communities and regions in the world, women gain less proper education more than men living among them, there is a saying that “if you educate a woman you educate the whole nation” and I really believe it is very true, because women are hard working more than men. What a man can do women can do it better. Education is one the most important way of empowering women with the ability skills and positive self- image needed to perform fully in the improvement process.

There were some few patterns of feminism, these were the western-educated Muslim women living outside their various home countries who, intensely involved and disciplined by the feminisms of their own accepted country. “Zainah Anwar, one of the Musawah’s key architects,” founded of Sisters in Islam in 1988 made an important political and religious force in Malaysia. According to Amwar, “many Muslim women spend their entire lives believing that their hardship is justified by Islamic teachings, for instance, the idea of husbands having authority over their wife’s, and this have to change”. Over some past years, “Sisters in Islam” had encounter a lot of changes in the Islamic culture, as more women are allowed to speak up opposite to their pains by appealing to Islamic law, “Sharia”.

Flavia Agnes, the co-founder of the Majlis legal center in Mumbai, concentrate on her work to give out legal support to Muslim women in Indiana because of the situations they were facing. Majlis started working with some small Muslims communities and societies after the year of 1992 protest, which was promoted by the elimination of the “Babri Masjid”. Agnes believes that “Muslim women have the rights, even the Qur’an and the Hadith gives women rights, but nowadays is up to the women to take a bold step to the court, and get those rights explained.” In some different ways, equality functions ad a type of research custom, authorized the work of the international professionals in the range of Islamic jurisprudence, past events and beliefs to find countermyths that gives freedom to women. Since the Islamic “Sisters-hood” perform out of the belief that, there is no mere accurate understanding recognized as true of the Qur’an, and there is no end of descriptive process in the Qur’an.

Muslim women appeal Islamic principles by using Islamic law to fight for women’s right and equality among men and women, with this they were able to empower women with the improvement of high-level education, health care, work, politics, individualism, social rights, political rights and social activities like joining any political parties. These women fought against Islamic marriage contract, unnecessary divorce, men having multiple wives, husband and wife rights, inheritance- women not inheriting anything from her father. I think after the Islamic women’s movement, empowerment of women- Islamic sources and feminism there have always equality and equal access among Muslim men and women.

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