FIFA world cup-2014 Essay

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FIFA world cup-2014

Football is the most popular game among all the games and sports. The world cup football is really exciting throughout the world. It is a very magnificent competition among all the football playing countries of the world. It takes place every four years. The world cup began in 1930. The proposal of the world cup football was accepted in the Council of Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) in 1926. The first final match of World Cup Football took place in Montevideo Stadium on 13 July 1930. The lastest World Cup football will be taking place in Brazil from 12 June to 13 July 2014. It will be the second time that Brazil has hosted the competition, the previous being in 1950. Brazil was elected unchallenged as host nation in 2007 after the international football federation, FIFA, decreed that the tournament would be staged in South America for the first time since 1978 in Argentina, and the fifth time overall. The national teams of 31 countries advanced through qualification competitions that began in June 2011 to participate with the host nation Brazil in the final tournament.

A total of 64 matches are to be played in twelve cities across Brazil in either new or redeveloped stadiums, with the tournament beginning with a group stage. For the first time at a World Cup Finals, the matches will use goal-line technology. There are group divisions. The participant countries have divided into eight groups namely: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H. Four countries play in each group. The millions of spectators of the world are pleased and amused by the semi final and final of the World Cup Football. The semi-final will be taken place Belo Horizonte in 8 july and 9 july in Sao Paulo in this year. The final match will be take place at 13 July 2014 in Rio de Janeiro.

As a result, Rio de Janeiro is overwhelmed with joy. It is the 20th FIFA World Cup, the world championship for men’s national association football teams. It will be taken place gorgeously. Thousands of people of all over that world will watch the exciting matches in the stadium or television screen. The matches will be played in twelve stadiums in around the country. Thirty two teams were selected for points, with the top two teams in each group proceeding. These sixteen teams advanced to the knockout stage, where there rounds of play decided which teams would participate in the final. The World Cup Football is a great source of entertainment and amusement. It is very exciting also.

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