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Field And Historical Reseacrch: Individual Reflection Essay

Essay Topic:

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There reaches a stage in the life of an individual whereby choices and decisions concerning what must be done are decided and it is usually not an easy task. The answer is only achieved through an in-depth look within themselves. Reflection of the most important values and what they perceive will make them happy as well enabling them to achieve self actualization are also decided. The available resources that are required to fulfill their goals and ambitions must be put into consideration.

In this paper, I am going to reflect the processes that Blackburn undergone through learning, the perceptions that she got towards other people, how she shaped her personality to fit the research environment, the values that she attached to different activities and the values of other people. The effective analysis of all factors that made her the person she is today is the only way she can be able to explain the principles that shapes her behavior and also the cause of her changed intentions.

According to the statement in question, the processes that an individual undergoes require critical examination of all the factors that are involved in the area under research. The researcher is required to participate fully, in body and soul, in the activity that is being researched. Learning should be a continuous activity since the researcher must be in a position to provide detailed descriptions of all variables throughout the study. The things that Blackburn learned in her researches shows what a researcher is learning during the field study and enables him/her to tackle future experiences and possible opportunities with a lot of ease.

The experience gained impacts hugely on the perception that the researcher has towards others, brings changes in their personal character and other held values and attitudes. The positive or negative encounters with individuals from the field of research shows that human beings can learn new things from each other and every individual posses a unique thinking capability and each one will approach a problem from different perspective. Therefore, it becomes easy to ascertain that human beings are always learning the forming and reforming processes and that elements in their personal systems keep changing.

The most important thing individuals need to know is to be open-minded when approaching quite complex tasks. They should be judgmental before factoring all important aspects of the problem under research. The brain should always be trained to think and provide solutions. A review of similar past problems and the measures that were taken can help in the improvement of current field researches through a carefully chosen research design (Ferreira and Merchant, 1992, p 19). In conclusion, it is always not easy task to establish the most suitable learning criteria in circumstances where the path to success consists of many ups and downs.

Conflicting ideas on the way to carry out experiments that will bring desired results using a specified approach can not be easily avoided. We should always accept failure because it shows us the approach of executing complex tasks. The thinking capacity of an individual should always be utilized to the maximum capacity to ensure that the right decisions are made. Researchers should not only concentrate on the subject matter but their concentration should be centered on how they can improve the value of the subject matter. Things are always changing and so should the long held principles.

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