Fetal Pig Dissection Essay

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Fetal Pig Dissection

1. How do the locations of the endocrine organs in the fetal pig compare with those in the human?

The pigs pancreas is above the kidneys and adrenal gland in the pig. The thymus covers the thyroid in the pig. For the humans though, they have thymus above the thyroid.

2. Name the two endocrine organs located in the throat region The thymus and the thyroid are both in the throat region

3. Name 3 endocrine organs located in the abdominopelvic cavity. The three endocrine organs located in the abdominopelvic cavity are the gonads, adrenal, and the glands pancreas.

4.Given the assumption (not necessarily true) that human beings have more stress than adult pigs, which endocrine organs would you expect to be relatively larger in humans. The adrenal glands because they are the organs that mostly deal with stress to maintain homeostasis in the body.

5. Explain why the thymus gland in the fetal pig is so large relative to an adult pig. Their thymus gland is more active during a younger age to develop the immune system and produce defense cells to protect the body. The fetal pig has a larger thymus than an adult pig because the adult pigs thymus shrunk overtime, which will happen to a fetal pig as it gets older

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