Festival: Meaning of Life and Festivals Essay

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Festival: Meaning of Life and Festivals

A festival is an event which is celebrated collectively for celebrating a cause. Festivals are mostly celebrated to propagate the cultural heritage of nations. Festivals highlight various aspects of a society. For example people in all around the world celebrate Christmas, New Year, Sports events such as Olymics, Easter, Eid and other religious and cultural events to exhibit their emotions and happiness. Festivals at national level help to promote solidarity and patriotic spirit in the society.

Religious festivals all around the world bring convergence and propagate acceptance of all kinds of religions in different geographical segments. International festivals help to increase brotherhood and remove ethnic racism in the world. Owing to the fact that world has become a global village, celebrations of all kinds of festivals in a country improves the overall image of the country and shows the acceptance of cultural diversity in the country.

They help keeping alive the older traditions and provide entertainment to the people celebrating events in different parts of the world.All the festivals that we celebrate have some profound meaning in it and they have some pragmatic purpose also.

If we take the example of Christmas, we all know that why it is being celebrated but when it comes to the purposes that it serves along with the religious one; primarily it is a psychological one. We all need some days of break in our life from our regular job. Sometimes we take it voluntarily but mass don’t understand the purpose of taking break and it is for these people, the festivals serve better that anybody. They are forced to enjoy life and thus they can improve the quality of their life.

There are some other purposes also that a festival serves and usually you will find that people meet each other along with their families and thus improve their social life. So now you can understand the meaning of celebrating a festival and we expect that you will also spread the message celebration the world over.

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