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Final research HND Business

After that data was organized and analyzed with different techniques of Data Analysis. Mainly the pie chart and Bar Chart method were used for Data Analysis. And result was produced for implementation. All the data formats and findings Shows that all stakeholders are in the favor of Basant or spring festival in Lahore as healthy business activity with some changes is the format of Festival. Mainly...


After the prayer, people usually visit their family, friends, give gifts to children, and make phone calls to distant relatives to give well-wishes for the Eid. These activities traditionally continue for three days. The entire 3-day period is an official holiday. The seasonal festivals as New Year’s Eve; it is one of the most celebrated days in the world. It is something that we all look forwar...

Vietnamese mid-autumn festival

Mid-Autumn Festival always occurs at the beginning of the first semester of school, so children can receive many lucky wishes from family members for a coming study year. On those days, lion-dancing teams include professional and unprofessional teams (unprofessional teams are teams that have 8~9 kids, not adults). They will stand in front of the house and ask the house owner for dancing in the ya...

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A Famous Festival in Myanmar

The Mandats, water throwing and playing places with the large signboards are every where, not only in the cities but also in the villages. In major cities such as Yangon, garden hoses, huge syringes made of bamboo, plastic water pistols, bowls, cups and other devices from which water can be squirted are used. All these whole days, people are going round to the Mandats with their bicycles, motorbik...

Bassant festival

Despite the happiness and fun that Basant brings us, there are some unfavourable aspects to it as well. Tragic accidents take place every year. People get so absorbed in kite flying that they often fall from the rooftops and as a result get injured or at times even lose their life. Then there are those who die from electrocution when their kites get tangled in the wires of the electricity poles an...

Indian Festivals

Diwali is the most prominent of the Hindu festivals. The Hindus celebrate this day to commemorate the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya after winning the decisive war against the evil forces of Ravana. The Muslim celebrates Id-UI-Fitra. It is celebrated to mark the end of Ramzan. It was during the month of Ramzan that Holy Quran was revealed to Prophet Mohammed. Christmas is the greatest festival of ...

Wesak Festival

The abundance of Buddhists celebrates Wesak in a variety of ways and in a substantial amount of countries are all celebrating the same cause, the birth, enlightenment and death of the Buddha. The fact that the majority of them are spread apart and across the world from each other displays how far Buddhism has spread to become a significant cultural and religious part of the universe. Individually...

Philippine Festival


Information About Culture of Cordillera Autonomous Region

The Bagobo tribe has an epic hero named Tuwaang or Tatuwang. He was a brave and strong warrior with various powers. The story of Tuwaang speaks of his journey to the land of Pinanggayungan while traveling by riding a lightning bolt. Here he meets the maiden of the Buhong Sky who is running way from Pangumanon, a very strong giant. Tuwaang and the giant fight but it is an even match. The giant chea...

National Festivals

The second type of festivals depict the religious association of the people.Most Indian festivals have their origin either in religions or in the myths and legends of popular faiths. Some are contend with the memory of venerable men and events and are, therefore, commemorative in nature. They are intended to keep alive the memory of those events and personalities and inspire people to emulate thei...

The Mid-Autumn Festival

Traditionally,13 moon cakes were piled in a pyramid to symbolize the 13 moons of a “complete year,” that is, 13 moons plus one intercalary moon. Beside those, we have fire dragon dances, lantern show, and burn incense to celebrate the festival. The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming; I hope you can enjoy the traditional Chinese festival!! If you can’t back to home, remember to contact your family...

Impact of festivals on environment

Every festival takes an important part in the life of different peoples from differentcommunities of India. There are many festivals can be celebrated on different religiousoccasions. Indian Festivals are celebrated across the world because the Indian people areeverywhere in the world. some of them are doing jobs abroad or some of them are good big businessmen But no one can left Indian culture an...

Mid-Autumn Festival Lantern

Meanwhile, Mid-autumn festival is also known as Family Reunion Festival. No matter how far people are from home, Vietnamese family members return to their native places to reunite with their families and visit their homeland. But, it seems to be impossible for me because of the long distance. In United States, although sometimes I could find this tradition in many Vietnamese-American communities, ...

Short Essay for School Students on Indian Festivals

Few festivals became an indispensable part of Indian culture. India is the only country where these festivals are celebrated with great devotion to the Almighty and seasonal variations; festivals offer a welcome break from the daily routine. Festivals have a purifying effect on the minds and bring to the fore value of piety. The main objectives of festivals are to bring people from different walks...

The Nepali festival Tihar

Tihar and Shopping (Tihar and Sagun!) - What do Nepalese shop for during the period? Shopping of cooking items such as oil, butter, clothes for brothers and sisters, and sweets. In city, sisters shop for dried fruit products such as cashew, almonds, and fresh fruits in large amount while in villages sisters prepare home-made sweets and breads. The mixture of dried fruits along with sweets and cand...

About Chinese Festival

The reactions of respondents are almost about that the participants who come from foreign counties cannot clearly comprehend the meaning or effect of the cultural problem of China and some background history. And most of the participants show their interest of Chinese traditional foods. Actually, besides the participants who are Chinese, the other people are hardly to answer some further questions...

Socio-cultural Aspects of the Philippine Community

Specifically, it described the profile of the respondents in terms of age, gender, civil status, religion, income educational attainment; assess the perceived socio-cultural and economic effects of festivals in the province of Batangas; to test the significant difference between perceived socio-cultural and economic effects when grouped according to their profile variables; and to propose a plan o...

Role of Malls in Dubai Shopping Festival

Jumbo Electronics, a multi-brand electronics store, projects that sales will jump 50 per cent during DSF compared with a normal month, and the retailer is spending more than Dh1 million (US$272,249) this year on advertising with radio and newspaper promotions and leaflets. DSF began largely as a shopping event, with time; it has also grown to be a great entertainment event. DSF plays a vital role ...

Festival and Event

TITP organisers already have their chosen destination which is Kinross as they have been holding this event there for several years now. However they will be unsure how events and event-based tourism will fit in. Situation Analysis Every event should be carrying out a SWOT analysis, this allows the TITP event managers to identify their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. By doing thi...

Essay on A memorable day


The New Year Festival in Vietnam

Before New Year’s Eve: Overseas Vietnamese or pilgrims would try to come back to their homeland for family reunions, forgetting about troubles of the past and together hoping for a fruitful upcoming year. They would be busy decorating their houses with cherry blossom (in the northern region), hoa mai - Ochna integerrima (in the central and southern region) and other floral decorations such as ku...

India is a country of festivals

Some festivals are observed throughout the country, or in a greater part of it; others, such as the famed snake race of Kerala, have peculiarly regional associations. Yet others, most notably Diwali and Holi, have been instrumental in bringing the diaspora of Indian communities back together. In remote places like Fiji, Mauritius, Trinidad, Jamaica, and Guyana, these festivals are celebrated with ...

Pohela Boishakh Festival

A similar ceremony welcoming the New Year was also held at the Institute of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka. Students and teachers of the institute took out a colourful procession and paraded round the campus. I felt happy joining the parade. At noon, I took panta bhat  (rice soaked in water), green chilies, onion, and fried Hilsa fish. In the after noon I along with some of my friends visited a B...

Lantern Festival

I think Chinese New Year is a fun and happy celebration. Chinese normally gather at one place to celebrate it together. Other than that, they will have all type of food such as dumplings, fish, prawn, mandarin orange, crab and cakes. I also think that Chinese New Year is also very unique. They have the Chinese Zodiac, red packets, couplet normally written on scroll and other stuff. They will also ...

Lohri Festival

Lohri is also called the knock of Makar Sankranti. The folk songs in the evening of Lohri, make the environment musically beautiful. As per the Hindu religion, it is believed that what ever we donate something in fire, it directly reach to our God and ancestors. On the day of Lohdi, the swinging crops from farm are brought home, then it is burnt in fire.Dancing and singing people move around it an...

Festivals Reaction Paper

Festivals are a time for celebration, but it is also a time for food. Bocaue, Bulacan’s Pagoda sa Wawa combines both. The river festival is held every July, when a barge carrying a huge decorated float is released along the Bocaue River. This is where dozens and possibly hundreds of people partake on good food and great music. The floating feast actually commemorates Wawa’s Holy Cross, which w...

Rhetoric Dialogue on Importance of Uttarayan

Jai: Yes my dear friends. Makar Sankranti holds special significance as on this day the solar calendar measures the day and night to be of equal durations on this day. From this day onwards, the days become longer and warmer. It is the day when people of northern hemisphere, the northward path of the sun marks the period when the sun is getting closer to them. The importance of the day was signifi...

Holidays in Kazakhstan

Victory Day takes place on the 9th of May. It is a legendary day, when all generations wait for this date to congratulate people, who gave us the Peace in 1945.Unfotubately, Veterans of war we can count on fingers of one hand. We show our respect and gratitude to these people for our saved lives. All day street festivals are held all around the city. In the end of this occasion people come to the ...

Van Mahotsav - Festival in India

In India it was started as a crusade to save mother earth. The name Van Mahotsava means "the festival of trees". It began in July 1947 after a flourishing tree planting drive was undertaken in Delhi, in which national leaders like Dr Rajendra Prasad and Jawaharlal Nehru participated. The festival was simultaneously celebrated in a number of states in India. Since then, thousands of saplings of div...

Music Festival

Moreover, his stage is always colorful and full of energy, a perfect way to end the night at such a festival. The rest of the performers also provide energy to this theme, as it is a day where everything is cheerful, where everything colorful and happy, and this is aim of electronic music, to unite people from every nation, it does not limit anyone, and so do cartoons. That is the connection betwe...

Festivals in Davao Region

Lopez Jaena Day: the life of Graciano López Jaena, one of the country’s most significant historic figures, is celebrated on the 18th of December. Christmas: beginning on the 15th of the month and lasting until the 31st, Paskuhan sa Dabaw is the country’s official Christmas season. The period is marked by a variety of festive events. New Years Eve (Bisperas ng Bagong Taon): is the official end...

My Favorite Chinese Festival

People often say that what you are thinking about is what you can see from the moon. When will I sense the pleasure and the satisfaction of reunion instead of the loneliness? Perhaps time will tell me the answer. I hope there is one day as soon as possible that I can stay with my families and lover when the Mid-autumn festival coming. Work Cited LIN, Grace. “Thanking the Moon: Celebrating the Mi...

Chinese Mooncake Festival

Communities composed of various races even come together to host celebrations. The occasion extends till nightfall and that is when lanterns are lit and sometimes, even fireworks brilliantly light up the skies. It never ceases to amaze me how an ancient festival is able to bring together families and communities with such ease. Despite the evolution the Mid-Autumn Festival has undergone over the p...

History of the Event Industry

Throughout this paper, we have discovered that events have a considerable role in todays’ society and that events have evolved a huge amount throughout the years. By looking at the changes of events throughout the years, it should be possible to have an idea of the future of events. However, anything can happen and we do not know what new invention will see the light that will change the whole e...

Spring Festival

Waking up on New Year, everybody dresses up. First they extend greetings to their parents. Then each child will get money as a New Year gift, wrapped up in red paper. People in northern China will eat jiaozi, or dumplings, for breakfast, as they think "jiaozi" in sound means "bidding farewell to the old and ushering in the new". Also, the shape of the dumpling is like gold ingot from ancient China...

Greek Festival and Florida International Festival

Artist who did a magnificent presentation were, the Hungarian-Gypsy violinist Roby Lakatos and Ensemble who opened the night with a magnificent performance, the pianist-composer Ahmad Jamal who astounded the audience with his trio in a concert ,the international superstar Mariza who temporarily deprive of sight audiences across four continents, the famous Catalán gambist Jordi Savall, the foremos...

The Importance of Poson Poya

Arahant Mahinda and his companions transport themselves by air from Vedisagiri to Mihintale, gods are at hand to make smooth the path of the religious teachers and impress the multitude with the efficacy of their doctrines. Earthquakes which do no harm to anyone vouch for the veracity of the prophecies ascribed to the Arahant Mahinda. At sermons preached on important occasions the Devas in the con...

Japanese Obon Festival

Each family, on land or on boat, will watch as their lanterns float farther and farther away. The glow of each lantern causing the water to look much like the starry sky, spotted with many warm lights. Those who participated in toro nagashi have a heightened awareness of the challenges and sacrifices their ancestors had to take. For centuries Obon has been a sacred gathering for the dead and the l...

Final research HND Business

Better security should be provided. Religious groups should convince and their guanine demands should be fulfilled. Harmful wire should completely ban from manufacturing. Un-ethical and Immoral acts should be discouraged. People from other parts of the country should be properly entertained to encourage the business. Proper promotion and Public Awareness campaign should be initiated to guide the p...

Events Management Case Study Big Day Out

Those who work till end of event would have monetary incentive, also enthusiastic employed managers should be able to keep their workers motivated. Crowd Controllers would be professionally hired, preferably those with experience, although they ask a higher wage one experienced festival crowd controller would be more beneficial then three rookies thrown into the mist of the Big Day Out. Police and...

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