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Fencing Reflection Paper Essay

Fencing this year is so much more different than last year. We got a new coach this year and also got our old coach back. Their names were Coach Ike and Coach Angelo. I’ve known Coach Angelo a few years back when we had CFDC for fencing lessons. Coach Ike seemed really friendly but at the same time strict. Most of us weren’t that comfortable with him at first because we were scared. After he had this really long and inspiring talk with us during the first day, that’s when real fencing training happened. We were really taught how to have the proper footwork, posture, lunges and etc. I won’t lie and say that it was really tiring but I won’t lie as well when I say that it felt really good. Learning all those things made me a better fencer and a better student.

After all those training every Friday, we became more comfortable with both coaches. Coach Ike is really fun and really good at training us younger kids. He might look kind of not fit but he can move so swift and smoothly you wouldn’t really believe it. He wasn’t really like our previous coach, Coach Brian. Coach Brian doesn’t train us that hard because he knows that we might get pissed or something but we would never do that. He was really fun as well. We had those laughing moments that I would never forget because he was my very first coach. I know that throughout this year I will have that with both Coach Ike and Coach Angelo.

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Coach Angelo on the other hand is very entertaining. He sings aloud during class, during bouts, tournaments or just because he feels like it. He also keeps me hyper in class. He always makes everyone laugh which makes it easier for everyone to concentrate while having fun at the same time. He also has very good tips for us every time were about to go to a bout or when were training. He never changed before which is a really good thing because that’s what makes him different from all the other coaches out there.

He has this great connection with everyone which makes it easier for students to approach him when they’re confused or they need help with something. This year’s Founder’s Cup I didn’t get gold and I felt really frustrated because I wanted to really keep my title until I graduate. I got frustrated more afterwards when I lost in foil as well. I couldn’t take it because I was so tired from the epee bouts and I just lost my control with foil later on.

I thought I was really bad and I didn’t deserve to play that time but when Coach Ike told me that he sees really good potential in me and that I just needed training because everyone else had so much more training than I did. I really lightened up after what he told me. Although I didn’t get gold at least I got bronze. It wasn’t much but it was something and I’m proud of it because I know both coaches taught me really well, I just didn’t have the energy and focus during the bouts and I’m sorry for that. To sum it up, the year hasn’t ended yet but I know that it is going to be one heck of a year every Friday training with these awesome coaches!

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