Comparing Feminist Critiques: The Giving Tree and The Story of an Hour

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Feminist which literature reinforce or undermine the economic political and social and psychological oppression of women roles. So as things that destroy the thoughts of women being afflicted by society. Women go through struggles throughout their lives whether it's socially mentally or politically. Feminist Criticism can be best described when literature expresses the tortue that women have to go through on a daily in the economy. So throughout literature lacks the female characters or the way they are portrayed. Which is the difficulty on females viewpoints from those litertured work authours by men.

The following story that represents the feminist assumptions is “The Giving Tree” ,by Shel Silverstein. The story is about a young boy who has this friend which is a tree, he plays and plays with the tree till he gets older and realizes that he wants to grow into an adult and do awful things. So he is in need of money and the tree tells him to go get her apples to get money.

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After the boy receives the apple and sells them the boy asks for me things in the future due to receiving gifts from the tree. The story continues with the tree doing more acts and in the end the tree is nothing but a stump. In which the boy , now an old man. Comes to the tree one last time where all he wants is a seat as its the last thing the tree can give.

The feminism that can be seen is this story.

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Well the fictional character (the tree) is reinforcing the stereotype that men use women till they are nothing and she keeps giving without the man giving anything. In quote” Come ,boy and climb on my trunk and swing from my branches and ea mt apples and play in my shade”. You can see that the fictional woman (The tree) is doing nothing but giving to the man, and trying to keep him comfortable as possible like a mother figure. This story shows that the women take care of the men and don't expect anything back. So the feminism shown is that the tree is a female role which only takes care of the men role and the male takes advantage of the female(tree) without saying thank you for giving anything back

Another story that represents feminism assumption is “The Story of the hour” by Kate Chopin. A story about an women who hears her husband is dead and at first she is very sad and isolated herself in her room. It follows with her looking out the window and thinking through of her life. In which she realizes that she is happy. As she is free from her husband due to his death. As her sister is worried she will hurt herself but just the main character being happy and relief yet still sad. As the story goes on the main characters(Ms. Mallard) husband isnt dead as he comes home confuses. Before he tells his wife he's alaive she dies.

How feminism assumptions is establish in“The story of the Hour”, is social equality of the sexes and how women rights portrays in society. As the main character Ms. Mallard who struggled with heart troubles is a female first off and a wife and seems like nothing more than a wife. So when hearing the news of her husband death, she was sad but when she locks herself in her room,and their she begins to realize things. That she wasn't as happy as she thought in her marriage as she only played the role as a wife but nothing else. Being more like a trophy then an actual person with personal goal.” She said it over and over under her breath: “free, free, free!”. That moment she noticed that she actually felt free when hearing the death of her husband. Even though she truly loved her husband, wives were not allowed to have their own identity and freedom. As this story is being written from a female who immediately puts male in control of the story. So as conclusion what makes this feminist i the work of literature is that women are used only for a wife and having no control over their lives and feeling a slave to the male gender. Creating social equality of the sexes and how women rights portrays in society.

In conclusion many literary work deals with feminist criticism. Which writing portrays women and the assumptions created from it. Really any female character is literature are portrayed with unfair self chocies and the way they are portrayed in society and the struggles they deal with in their lives socially, mentally and politically. So short stories like “The Giving tree” , and “The story in an hour” are great examples on how feminism criticism is connected into literature work and how it also connects towards the author, showing the struggle of the female role.

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