Feminism in Canada Essay

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Feminism in Canada

Feminism in Canada has a longstanding history. One of the primary roles of Canada’s women’s rights activists was to safeguard the rights of women. Women’s rights activists would vigorously stipulate measures from the government, to ensure that the rights of women are upheld and the role of women is society is uplifted. They would also censor and challenge government measures that they thought went against women’s causes. One important issue that these activists fought for was the role of reproductive rights.

In 1969, 200 women formed a chain to rally and fight for the right to abortion in spite of a city bylaw that did not allow public demonstrations. (Begin, 1997) Susan Himmelweit’s article The Discovery of “Unpaid Work”: The Social Consequences of the Expansion of “Work” discussed the venture of the feminist movement into economics. Feminist economics is the integration of women’s domestic labor into the sphere of economics and the treatment of women in the workplace.

The goal of the movement was to acknowledge the importance of the role of women and their contributions in the home environment. This happened at a time where the role of the woman in society or in the household, for that matter, was trivialized. The movement highlighted the different injustices that women faced both at work and at home. (Himmelweit) The reading Public Policy for Women The State, Income Security, and Labour Market Issues discussed important issues with regard to women’s employment as well.

Various important issues were taken up. Among them are employment for single mothers, environmental support for single mothers, income security for women, legitimacy of prostitution, government policies on prostitution, gender equity, policies for women’s retirement, work-family balance issues and others. This reading proves that the government of Canada is keen on constantly improving their policies to bring about better lives for the citizens. (Cohen & Pulkingham, 2009)

Dealing with women’s issues is crucial in Canada because the society acknowledges that the role of women is equality important with that of the men, and that both deserve equal treatment and are entitled to the same rights and privileges as human beings in all aspects of life. Two major cities of Canada, Vancouver and Toronto, are on the top 15 list of the best places to live in the world. One of the reasons why this is so is the attention that the government gives to make sure that the welfare of the people is taken care of.

This is done by the establishment of laws and regulations to protect the rights of the people in all aspects of their living. The fight for women’s rights in the current times has changed considerably. The women’s rights movement has come a long way and has achieved numerous significant successes in multiple areas. Thanks to the early proponents of women’s rights, women in Canada, as well as in the rest of the world, are able to enjoy more of the freedom and respect they deserve.

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