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Female Gothic Closets in "The Yellow Wallpaper"

Categories: The Yellow Wallpaper

‘The Yellow Wallpaper’, by Carol Margaret Davison, is a critical essay developed on the study of this short story, which was written in the late 1800’s, of a young innovative woman with post-partum anxiety that becomes progressively frantic in view of the society’s, and her husband’s constraint. The author describes the work as a form of female gothic mode which, to some degree, distinguishes it from the traditional gothic mode and also as a corrective to Johnson Greg and other numerous studies that label the story as a function of gothic allegory “Their common oversight has been to fail to consider the suitability and implications of Gilman’s choice of what later came to be classified as the Female Gothic mode, [ 4] a form that is generally distinguished from the traditional Gothic mode as it centers its lens on a young woman’s rite of passage into womanhood and her ambivalent relationship to contemporary domestic ideology, especially the joint institutions of marriage and motherhood.

The author continues to juxtapose between the view of the various studies’ traditional gothic and female gothic.

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Davison concentrates on the genre of female gothic and the themes of personality loss, self revelation, marriage’s clouded side, and gender issues. Reading and understanding the author’s critical review of this text gives me a better in-depth about the story and its literary sumptuousness.

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