Female foeticide Essay

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Female foeticide

This is the cry of an unborn girl. Female foeticide means killing an unborn girl. Man has covered a long distance from prehistoric ages to 21stcentury, during this long period of time; women had to face different eras. There was a time when worshipping god was considered incomplete without a female presence and there come such a time when she was kept behind” pardah” ,bounded within the boundaries of her own home, many evils surrounding her and much more. she was tortured to the fullest but despite of all those difficulties, women came ahead. She fought and won.

Now a days a new trend of female foeticide id evident, by killing her, before she opens her eyes to see this beautiful world. This practice is more in villages. It may be because of the illiteracy, fond for male child and most important reason of female foeticide is poverty because a handsome amount is to be given to the family-in-laws at the time of marriage and secondly increasing evils against women like rapes, eve teasing, kidnapping etc. “AS A BIRD CANNOT FLY WITH ONE WING

No one can neglect the contribution of women in the society. Today, whatever height man has achieved, women workout as a ladder For man. Infact,man is on the sky, sitting on the shoulder of woman . she is the foundation of every small to big task being undertaken. Female foeticide is an evil. Even god doesn’t forgive the persons involved in this crime. Eradicating this evil is not a one hand clap!! GOVT., NGO’S and the society have to make out the rule ant then strictly implement it.mother herself has to come ahead and avoid evil practices. A female can give a ray of life to the parents and a ray of hope to the society.what we have to do is to observe inform and prevent female foeticide. always remember : “GOD RECEIDES WHERE FEMALE IS WORSHIPPED”

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